First Aid for a Wounded Marriage-Book

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by Marilyn Phillipps

Their marriage was hopeless, so far beyond repair that no man could mend it. Jesus was the only One who could reconcile Mike and Marilyn Phillipps.

Mike and Marilyn soon discovered, though, that marriage healing does not happen overnight. Old habits and old wounds, only made them wonder if things would ever be any different. The scars of marital strife had battered their love and left them with very little trust. Conversation was difficult and sexual love even worse. Although they both continued to grow steadily in their relationships with the Lord, their relationship to each other was filled with pain and emptiness.

Jesus began to prove to Mike and Marilyn, though, that just as He had brought them back together He could also take away the pain and heal the wounds. He began teaching them principles from His Word that established their marriage on the Rock. As healing became firm, the same scriptural principles led to strength and growth. God's Word did for them what they could not do for themselves and their desire to share those same scriptural principles with others led to the founding of University of the Family.

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