2017 Fall Northeast Yellow Ribbon Day

Published January 31, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

To God be all the glory and praise for uniting all our gifts, blessings and talents for His plans and purposes for our Northeast Yellow Ribbon Day.

Ann Barley opened the meeting at Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania. She graciously greeted all attending and spoke about the college and the list of the day’s events. Claude Doucet and Bert John provided our worship songs. Nancy Conlan opened with a scripture reading (Philippians 3:14) about running the race for the goal to win the prize for which God has called us through Christ Jesus. She explained how we have both new runners joining us and those that have run a long time andthat we need each other to run and not faint. We will make the finish line if we do not give up and if we will unite ourselves in our Lord’s love and purpose.


The meaning of YRD was explained along with all the special opportunities the ministry offers. Covenant Keepers, Inc sponsors a conference every year, where our covenant keepers “family” gathers from all over the world to experience strength, hope and encouragement from our Lord.

We shared the importance of uniting together in online groups that provide curriculum to grow in our healing and faith for our marriages. These groups were highly emphasized. The Lord says He wants mature sons and daughters and this is how we grow as we learn what His Word says. He also says He rewards those who diligently seek Him. We need to keep our lamps filled with His oil ready to give out and share.

We spoke of the strength of uniting in fasting every Wednesday (a renewed focus) to bring down strongholds of the enemy in Jesus’ name. There are many ways to fast and He will show you if you ask Him. We spoke of the blessing of intercessory prayer and the books and materials that have been given to strengthen us in our race. Marjorie Nishan gave testimony to what the ministry and all these blessings have meant to her in her running the race. She especially captured the love we have for all the spouses and the ability God has given us to forgive. We don’t fight people made of flesh and blood. We make God number one in our lives.

Koji and Deana Bell, our blessed healed couple, gave an anointed testimony of their continuing marriage restoration. The Holy Spirit empowered them to pray for us and for others. What a blessing and encouragement to all. Praise God!

For the second half of the ministry time, Claude Doucet sang “When The Saints Go Marching In” as we gathered into a big circle for a time of questions and answers. We were so blessed to have Rex and Carolyn Johnson, another healed marriage and the co-directors of CKI, as an added gift from God, to share with us. There was a wonderful time of sharing. Starr Lichty, Director of the NE Region and the Latin American countries, closed with a beautiful prayer for us.

We had some CKs there for the first time and received feedback from them about how loved and accepted they felt and how encouraged they were to go on.

We ended with a dinner provided by the college and a time of fellowship with each other.

We want to thank everyone who made this day possible and all our CKs around the world who are celebrating Yellow Ribbon Days, too. Ann Barley’s long time CK group hosted a delicious snack table with drinks and delicious homemade cookies by Mary Weaver. This group, including Bert, Mary, Tom Godfrey and Bonnie Martin, is such a blessing as they worked together setting up and cleaning up and hosting our needs.

I want to thank all who were willing to put some of us up in their homes overnight and treat us to bountiful meals and gracious hospitality. We are so loved and blessed by our Lord and by them.

Once more, to God be the glory for the things He has done and continues to do. Amen. His love is everlasting. He gives marvelous companions to us the faithful who dwell in the land to will and do His good pleasure.