2017 Fall Southeast YRD Retreat

Published January 4, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

Twenty-three people attended the SE Regional Covenant Keepers Yellow Ribbon Day Retreat in sunny Panama City Beach, Florida, November 3-5. We enjoyed praising and worshiping God, learning from several speakers (Rex and Carolyn Johnson, William and Sharon Cothron, Marilyn Pennington, Susan Marvin, and Angel Avery), fellowshipping, and praying. Charles Holland led us in receiving communion on Sunday.

There is always a great sense of support and affirmation when we gather with our fellow standers. We learned Biblical principles for peacemaking and personal conflict resolution and how to move out of panic and complacency as standers. We were refreshed by God’s Word and challenged to ask ourselves, “What growing pains am I going through right now to be the man or woman God has called me to be? What is my purpose for this season of my life?” We need God. We need to give Him our struggles instead of going to Him with our agendas. God wants to train and transform us. There is a spiritual discipline of silence so that we can hear the Holy Spirit moving in our hearts. The Christian life is change, and prayer is the central way God changes us. We need to know what God’s Word says and trust Him so that we will have the transformation and skills to stand with our spouses once they return. Our work will not be over once our marriages are restored; we will just be standing together with our spouses. God’s Word is true; He will honor His Word above His name.

We were reminded and encouraged to renew our prayer and scripture reading disciplines. If not now, when will you pray and read scripture and do the things God is calling you to do?