2018 CKI Families Are Forever Conference Videos

Published October 3, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in ,

Writing this report has been fun to do. Looking back a few short months ago brings fond memories of all that God did in people’s lives through the annual CKI Families Are Forever Conference,  From Now On…, held in Charlotte in July of 2018. Below is a recap of the speakers.

To kick off the conference on Friday evening, Pastor Kelvin and Amy Smith gave their restored marriage testimony. Kelvin is the lead pastor at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte where the conference was held. He and Amy were both very transparent with us knowing that the CKI conference was a safe place to share their “God story.” Amy shared how God used another one of His children to be His hands and feet on earth to bring healing into her life. She gave hope to the CKs in attendance for their own healing as well as hope for them that God will use someone in their spouse’s life to bring healing. It was a great reminder that God has not forsaken those who will trust Him.

On Saturday morning Craig Hill, who is the number one requested speaker for any CKI conference, wowed us again! He was on fire with his passion to teach us the depth of the meaning of the marriage covenant. Going back to basics was what Craig did and what each of us needed to hear. One attendee commented that coming to a fresh understanding of the background of the Scriptures Craig used as references was truly eye-opening.

On Saturday afternoon  CKI Co-Director Rex Johnson and Koji Bell shared their experiences of being in the far country. Again, transparency ruled the day when they were open and honest about their time away from home. After opening the floor to questions from the audience they served communion to the group.

On Saturday evening Pastor Wade McHargue spoke at the regular SCCC church service which also included the CKI conference attendees. Wade reminded all of us that we must pray to see changes in ourselves and in our spouses. We have two choices: allow ourselves to become discouraged with our circumstances or pray more until God’s will is accomplished in our lives. Pray and submit to God’s will, or don’t pray and become discouraged. There is no “Plan B.” Perseverance is a key to marriage restoration. He reminded us that we are blessed for walking out our marriage covenant with endurance. We loved it when Wade shouted to us, “Don’t give up! Don’t give up!” It is always a blessing to know that other people understand how difficult it is to continue to walk in faith when the circumstances look helpless. Without God in the picture it is hopeless. But with God, everything changes.

On Sunday morning during the regular church service at SCCC, Pastor Kelvin welcomed our group of CKs and introduced us as giants of the faith. Very few CKs are understood even in their own churches and are certainly not recognized in such an encouraging way. Too few people can understand why or how CKs can continue to love the one who has rejected their love and can remain faithful to the vows pledged at their wedding – no matter what. Therefore, CKs are encouraged anytime a pastor from the pulpit speaks blessings over them.

For those of you who were not able to join us in Charlotte, or were there and would love to experience it again, the conference videos have been posted on the website. This year there is no charge to view and/or listen to the videos. You can find all of them HERE. We have also put a photo collage together that can be viewed HERE.