Look What God Is Doing

Published January 24, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in






CK lost her wallet at the airport just as she was preparing to go on a trip for the holidays. She felt God was telling her to go back to the place where she had been sitting. A gentleman was sitting there but her wallet was still there beneath the seat!







AZ: My friend and I entered a competition in our church to decorate the best Christmas tree. Our theme was the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit. We had a white tree and decorated it in white and silver, writing scriptures on all the silver and white balls. We put little white doves all over the tree and wrapped empty boxes in white and silver labeled with gift tags naming each fruit of the spirit. We got very creative making everything look as we envisioned before putting it all on the tree. We spent about eight hours getting it ready. Our pastor said that the tree was over and above all he had seen. He loved it and we won the $100 dollar prize. All along as we worked on it we prayed that it would bring glory to God….and it did!

CA: CK was encouraged to receive a long text from one of his daughters. He is grateful he was also able to financially bless both his daughters for Christmas. Praise God!

FL: CK thanks the Lord for his encouragement as her husband continues to visit her and show affection.

GA: CK is encouraged that her husband is “starting off slowly” but wants to make the marriage work.

CK who recently began standing for her marriage has had one praise report after another. Last week her husband quietly put his wedding ring back on and they will be spending a day together this weekend.

Another CK saw God working in her husband’s heart. He admitted that he was wrong and that he loves her.

IL: CK was encouraged that she was able to spend Christmas with her entire immediate family (including her prodigal husband) for the first time in 38 years! Her husband graciously accepted her gifts.

NC: CK shared this encouragement she received from strangers in CVS: I was standing in the photo department printing pictures when a young mom came in and started talking with a friend she’d not seen in a while. This young mom had a toddler and infant. She was explaining to her friend that she is currently separated from her husband. The friend encouraged her to not lose hope explaining that her parents were divorced and now remarried! So much to be grateful for this season. Merry Christmas to all. Hope everyone had a special day!

OR: A CK shares…Jesus is the Truth and I’m thankful to know Him. We are partners with Him and we do life with others who need His truth and new revelation.

CK is so thankful to be experiencing God’s amazing help on a daily basis.

CK thanks God for several two recent blessing including a new motor for his car at no cost and the greatest joy of a recent re-connection with his spouse.

CK is thankful to find that God is always big enough. Her son and daughter-in-law went to a marriage seminar!

TX: CK praises the Lord for having a “Godincidental” opportunity to play in Lauren Daigle’s orchestra in Carnegie Hall in New York City in January. A former student of CK will also play in the orchestra, leading the viola section. The former student will donate his pay to the elementary school where CK teaches to supply funds for students who can’t afford private lessons.