75 Cents – Consider This

Published April 2, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

We just spent the evening with a couple who have a restored marriage. They brought along their two children – one who is about to graduate from high school and one in middle school. All evening long my mind kept wandering to what those children’s lives would look like if their parents had not decided to follow the Lord’s plan. My eyes kept watching as they played on their phones and had an enjoyable evening eating good food in the presence of both of their contented parents.

The parent who was the covenant keeper made the comment they wished everyone would come to the conference we are planning that will be in Charlotte, July 20-21. She reminisced about the first conference she attended and how another CK had encouraged her to come. That CK explained how much she would be encouraged, how friendly everyone was – really more like family – and how much spiritual growth she would experience because of being there. I thought back on all the years I trusted God for the finances to attend conference because it was a life-line to my stand. I had to sacrifice some worldly things in order to make that yearly trek. But like this couple, those conferences added up to a restored marriage.

The next morning I read my son-in-law Scott’s blog relating an experience he had with his son. Here is what he said in his blog titled Better Blessings:

“On a recent trip to the convenience store, my youngest son brought along three quarters (75 cents) with a plan to buy something. After getting gas for the car, I walked with my son into the store.

“I watched as my son browsed the candy aisle selecting several fine confectioneries and checking prices to make sure he had enough for the purchase. After many selections and replacements due to lack of funds, he finally made his choice and came bounding down the aisle not at all dissatisfied with the smaller portion that he was able to buy.

“I followed my son to the counter where he placed his candy for scanning and as he awaited the cashier’s attention I asked him a question:

“’Is that what you are getting, son?’

“’Yes sir.’

“’Is that what you wanted?’

“’Yea. It is what I can get with my 75 cents.’

“As I discussed this with him I pulled a $20 bill out of my pocket.

“’I’ll get this, son.’

While still smiling he looked at my hand with the bill in it. He then looked at the candy on the counter and then at his 75 cents. Back to my hand as his look changed to that brain-gear-turning look that comes when someone is comprehending – then back to his candy selection. Finally, he looked up at me.

“’Can I get more?’

“With a smile on my face – ‘You sure can.’

“My son grabbed up the candy from the counter and ran to put it back while grabbing a much larger, and sure to be more delicious, pack of candy. Briefly he looked back at me to get approval, then ran to the wall of drinks and grabbed his favorite from the lineup. Running back to me carrying his prizes in both hands and a big smile on his face, he put them on the counter and stepped back to allow me to pay. I did – with a feeling of fulfillment. I was born for this.

“At that moment, the Holy Spirit put his arm around me and whispered in my ear,

“’That is just like your Father in heaven.’

“I got it. Praise God, I got it!

“We run through life counting on our 75 cents. 75 cents is all I got. I make my choices based on my 75 cents. But as a believer in a true and living God, a Father in heaven, I do not stand at life’s counter alone. My Father is with me and in his hand he holds wonders beyond comprehension. As I look to Him, He says ‘You sure can.’

“But Jesus said, ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God.’ (Luke 18:27)”

Dear CK, it is the devil who is telling you that you cannot go to the Families Are Forever conference. He knows that you will receive help and encouragement while there. But your heavenly Father stands at the blessing counter with you, holding your 75 cents in your hand, and as you look to Him He says, “You sure can. All things are possible with Me.”

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