A Crown for a Hat

Published January 3, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

Joyce Hasty has graduated to heaven. This is a great loss to our CKI family and she will be greatly missed.

Carol, Joyce, Waynoka, Helen & Marilyn 2010

Joyce joined my CKI group early in the 80s and remained a friend until she died in December 2018. I was privileged to be the one who prayed with her the day she received her prayer language after a CKI meeting.  She was a faithful CKI meeting attendee and was often quite a character at the meetings. She always had something funny to tell us about her situation while being a quick learner of things to do or not to do while keeping covenant.

Helen & Joyce 2010

For the first six months after joining the group, she cried at every meeting until finally I had to encourage her to dry her tears, stay in the Word and praise the Lord in each circumstance. Joyce was attending Victory Christian Church when we first met and she remained a faithful attendee there until her health issues prevented her from going. She was an intercessor there also. Prayer was her calling and she walked in that calling like a warrior.


She knew the Word and used the Word in her prayers. If you have been with CKI for more than five years, you probably have had Joyce pray Scripture prayers over your prayer needs. When Joyce was ready to pass the baton on to another intercessor for CKI, I appreciated that she stayed in the position until we were able to get other prayer warriors in place. It was important to Joyce that this position was filled with people who believed they were specifically called to the position of intercessor for CKI. She promised that she would be there until her replacement was found.

She will be greatly missed. But for those of us who knew her, there are enough memories to last each of us until we are in the loving arms of the Father. See you soon Joyce! We loved having you as a friend!

Carolyn Johnson

Other remembrances of Joyce:

She was a wonderful example of what the Word says – that marriage is an example of how Jesus Christ loves the church. A faithful woman and a prayer warrior indeed! (GA)

She will be missed. She was a wonderful covenant keeper and prayer warrior! (FL)

I loved Joyce! She was a praying powerhouse! She will be missed. She’s seeing Jesus face to face now and it must be a glorious time! (NC)

I am rejoicing that Joyce is with her Savior. I’m remembering the many hours and years that she dedicated to interceding for us at CKI and I am very grateful. Praying for the Lord’s peace for her family. (PA)

We are sad for the family but happy for Joyce who is now in the presence of the Lord she loves. I have such great memories of her and so appreciate her intercession for the CKI ministry and for myself personally. (MN)

Joyce was one of the first CKs I met on my only trip to Tulsa, OK for the CKI Conference. What a loving person she was. She will be missed for sure. (NC)