A Letter from Marilyn Phillipps

Published May 2, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

Michael and I are so excited to be speaking at this year’s Families Are Forever Conference in Charlotte. We love Rex and Carolyn very much and have a great relationship with them, but it has been many years since we have been to a Covenant Keeper’s conference.

For decades I have contemplated the scripture, “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8)  Through the years we have seen many movements of faith in the Body of Christ, but faith for marriage healing is still a challenge for so many. When our marriage reached its lowest point and Michael wanted to divorce me and marry my best friend, faith for our situation was almost non-existent.

Every counselor we saw recommended a quick divorce. They said we were totally incompatible. Even though the woman Michael wanted to marry was in our church and was divorcing her husband as well, our pastor told me to just accept the inevitable and get on with my life. Thank You, Jesus, that You are not limited by the misguided counsel of people!

The years that followed deeply cemented the faithfulness of Jesus in my heart and the power He has invested in us on this earth. In the end, He taught two totally incompatible people that there is great strength in diversity when He is at the center. Our faith in Him for marriage reconciliation, healing, and growth is unshakable!

He has called us to teach couples how the Word of God can first transform their own hearts and then their marriage and family. We have seen miracle after miracle over the past 36 years as marriages, considered impossible by so many in the Church, have been transformed by our loving and powerful Lord!

Many years ago I determined that no demon from hell would tell me what the future of my marriage and family would be. Far too often, people in the Church are told to give up and move on. We who have Jesus Christ living within us do not have to give up when the devil shows up! The world is looking for the power of Jesus to be revealed in everyday life. What better place than in our homes for them to see the transforming power of our Lord!

Long ago I learned that standing for my marriage was not about getting what I wanted. It is about agreeing with God for His will for marriage and family. The more who stand and agree with God, the stronger the faith of the Body becomes for marriage. That is why the enemy gives you so many opportunities to quit! The last thing he wants is for an army of Believers to grow in number and strength throughout the earth, standing firm on God’s Word for marriage and family.

So wherever you are in the battle, we welcome you to a time of encouragement and refreshing. We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte.