CKI Directors

Koji and Deana Bell (Co-Directors)

Recently appointed and transitioning to full-time Directors are Koji and Deana Bell.

View their introduction video by clicking the link below:

Rex and Carolyn Johnson (Co-Directors)

Rex & Carolyn Johnson are the Directors of CKI. They had what looked like a successful marriage, but was actually a decaying marital mess that ended in divorce after 16 years. Even though Rex re-married within a short time Carolyn chose to pray for restoration. Carolyn was shocked at the lack of help available in the church for reconciliation and restoration. On the other hand, there was abundant counsel on divorce and making a new life for herself.

She knew she had committed herself to Rex “until death do us part,” and that God was a witness to their covenant. She believes God asked her to be a woman of her word and to keep her vow no matter what.

She searched the scriptures to gain God’s perspective on marriage and divorce. As a result, she found a group of people lead by Marilyn Conrad, the founding Director of Covenant Keepers. She eventually opened her home to others in the same situation. Covenant Keepers taught her Biblical principles of forgiveness, freewill, double-mindedness, how to avoid strife, patience, sowing and reaping, and knowing God’s voice. Covenant Keepers was the ministry that was instrumental in their restored marriage.

After almost 12 years of divorce and healing by God’s grace, their marriage was restored. Restoration was the beginning step for God’s plan for their work with hurting marriages and individuals choosing to take a Biblical stand for marriage covenant vows. Now more than 20 years later they are leading the ministry that provided help during that critical time in their marriage.

They have no desire to bring condemnation to those already divorced or remarried; however, they believe individuals committed to the permanency of marriage should have an option and receive help in the Body of Christ.

USA Board

The USA operations of Covenant Keepers Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors made up of covenant keeping individuals and couples serving in a volunteer capacity. The USA organization is a non-profit 501 c(3) corporation.

International Boards

Several countries have an established national organization under their specific laws for  non-profit or trustee organizations. Included in this list are Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


Additionally, several countries have a National Director established to facilitate the growth of Covenant Keepers within their country.