How We Began

Marilyn Conrad, Founder and Retired Director of Covenant Keepers Inc.

When divorce ended her 27 year marriage to her pastor-evangelist husband Marilyn found no place to go to receive healing or encouragement for restoration. As she searched the Word of God the Lord began to instruct her and give hope for the seemingly impossible situation.

Before long God began bringing others across her path who also needed help. She opened her home and shared what the Lord had taught her. The Lord taught her the importance of forgiveness and that it is a process. He taught her that forgiveness was a choice she had to make: an act of her will, regardless of how she felt. He showed her that forgiveness meant giving up her right to hurt. As she forgave she opened up herself to the healing power of Jesus.

Craig Hill, author and family minister has said about Marilyn: “Marilyn is indeed a rare woman of honor. I have met very few Christians whose choices are governed by Jesus and His Word rather than by the choices of other people. Marilyn’s choice to either remain single or be reconciled to her husband has not been impacted by any decision her husband has made, including his remarriage. Very few people, even Christians, live their lives by absolute principles rooted in God. Most meander through life simply allowing the choices of others to determine their own decisions and destiny. Marilyn is truly one of the heroes of the faith in our time.”

Marilyn retired from Covenant Keepers in 2013. She makes her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.