An Early Christmas Present

Published December 6, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

The Gift That Keeps on Giving and It’s Free!

Would you like to get free copies of Marilyn Phillips’ book, First Aid for a Wounded Marriage, Craig Hill’s book, Marriage: Covenant or Contract, or any of several other marriage building resources?

CKI recently became aware that many resources we have available in our CKI Book Store can now be acquired for free on the 2=1 (2equal1) website. 2=1 is a sister ministry to CKI founded by Mike and Marilyn Phillipps. We want to provide instructions for you to access the 2=1 ministry website and these books. When you log on to it, you will need to follow the directions to get to each of the free items you desire.

John 8:32 encourages us that, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” These valuable free resources will equip you to share truth with others who are standing for their marriages as well as strengthen your own walk. Please know that you are blessed to be a blessing! Consider this a Christmas gift and allow the Lord to direct your path in this season of God’s Love!


Click the link below to go to the 2=1 web site:



At the bottom of the 2=1 home page you will find the free book download link. Go to the Free Book Download page. There you will find several ways to obtain  First Aid for a Wounded Marriage:

  1. Read it on your computer or device
  2. Stream the audio version
  3. Buy the Kindle version

You will also find links for Marilyn Phillipps’ books, Whose Report Will You Believe? and Don’t Sit While You Stand as well as Craig Hill’s book Marriage: Covenant or Contract. These three books are available as a PDF download.

We are praying that you will remember all of your many blessings as you celebrate the birth of Jesus.