Another Prayer Warrior Joins the Heavenly Chorus

Published January 22, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

My first remembrance of Helen Turner was when she joined my CKI group in Tulsa. Helen taught school with Joyce Hasty and as they became friends Joyce realized that Helen was a covenant keeper, so she began attending my Monday night CK meetings with Joyce.

Helen had one of the most unusual sounding prayer languages I had ever heard. I remember talking with Marilyn Conrad about it and she assured me that it was the real thing. The sound of Helen’s prayer language really created problems until one day a missionary visiting Victory Church told Helen that he understood her prayer language. It was a native language somewhere in Africa. From that point forward she was welcomed by the pastors at Victory. I personally became accustomed to hearing Helen in the prayer room storming the gates of heaven with her prayers. She would either be praying the Word or praying in tongues. That was the way it worked for Helen and she stuck with it until the end of her life.

She and Joyce Hasty quickly paired up as intercessors, not just for CKI but also at Victory. They both had such a calling for intercession.  Each Sunday morning Helen prayed at Victory Church during the entire church service. Helen was faithful. Pastor Billy Joe would walk close to the prayer room each service, look at Helen to see if she wanted to say anything to him and stop to listen as she spoke a word over him before service. Marilyn Conrad said she has personally witnessed Billy Joe almost standing at attention as Helen spoke to him. She said more than once that Helen told Billy Joe, “You will become a different man when the Spirit comes upon you.”

For decades Helen was a mainstay for Covenant Keepers. During conference you would usually find her alongside Joyce Hasty in a room somewhere praying. They both often had bags of salt in their purses and would sprinkle salt all over people and places where they prayed. They left a long trail of salt.

All those years she taught school she lived a frugal lifestyle and saved her money. Once she retired she moved from a small duplex that she had rented for over thirty years into a brand new patio home. She bought new furniture for every room. Marilyn got to shop with her and says, with a smile, that she had lots of fun spending Helen’s money. It was a joy to see Helen’s excitement with all of her new stuff. All her years of frugal living brought great pleasure during her later years.

Helen spent many hours watching old movies on TV. The older they were the better she liked them. Marilyn said she knew everything about the older movie stars and their movies. Although Helen didn’t have a pet, she loved Marilyn’s cat, Tiffy. She would take care of Tiffy when Marilyn traveled, but unfortunately she never quite learned how to disarm Marilyn’s alarm system. It went off pretty consistently when Helen was in charge of Tiffy.

Helen will be greatly missed, but we will see her again in heaven. Her memorial service will be held at Victory Church in Tulsa OK on Saturday, March 9th at 11:00 AM. If you would like to send a card to her son the address is:

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Turner

1017 Fairview St.

MSC 39202

Jackson, MS 39202

You may read her obituary here:  Helen Turner