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Published September 13, 2017 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

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(Referring to, “My Journey of Faith” by Lorraine Woodhouse). Love it, Lorraine. Love what you said: “Next time you feel unqualified to be used by God remember this, He tends to recruit from the pit, not the pedestal.” Awesome! Can’t wait to buy this book.


CO: Just a quick note to say “Thank You” to the staff for all that you do. All your love, support, teaching and prayers are appreciated. I’m praying that we will see many marriages restored this year.

FL: Another conference…another fight against the devil. It is good to know we win! I am sure there were new people at this year’s conference, and that they were encouraged. It is good to have people like Susan Marvin that continue to pray for me and our marriage. Even though I am not tech savvy, I always appreciate the Word of Wisdom that comes monthly through email and the encouragement I receive via text.

IL: (Referring to, “Wisdom from the Word – Series 1 – How to Have Faith to Heal Your Marriage) This was so good. Thank you!

PA: I am enclosing extra money this month to off-set conference expenses. I am also celebrating paying off the mortgage on my home and being out of debt.

We need the help of others for our marriage to be healed.

I have learned to find support for my stand for my marriage from some of the people at church, from friends and from CKI. The support from Christians is vital. They will hold you accountable if you are doing something wrong and I need that for my healing and trust issues and other issues we had in our marriage. I pray others will move to try to find support in their church and with Christians who support marriage. CKI, thank you for all your articles and emails – great information and great guidance. Please continue to keep these weekly emails coming.

PA: (Referring to, “My Journey of Faith” by Lorraine Woodhouse). Love it Lorraine! Our time with you at the CK conference is always so precious! I look forward to reading your book!!! You are truly an amazing woman of God!



Covenant Moments


I just remarried a couple that had been divorced for 17 years and he had also married and divorced in between (she hadn’t). God brought them back together unexpectedly. I asked them each, “Was it hard to be so humble to get back together,” and both said no. The overwhelming feeling was “how right it was to do so.” They both felt in the center of God’s will and the presence of His peace like they had never had before. Their vows were amazing and so heartfelt and the Holy Spirit’s presence was powerfully evident during the ceremony. You may not believe me but a RAINBOW APPEARED BEHIND THEM as they were remarried! I am so full of faith right now! God will do what He has promised each one of us.”

GA: CK spent five and a half hours with her spouse on his birthday this past Sunday. He took her and their daughter out to dinner. She came with her “wagon wheel” cake in hand. She said they had a wonderful time and acknowledged that God is so good. Her spouse called her a few days later and asked if she would like to eat the last two pieces of “wagon wheel” birthday cake. They then spent three fun hours together.

IL: “Praise the Lord! He spoke through my group leader to me. She had been praying that my spouse would approach me and the Lord answered it.  Saturday was our twin grandchildren’s 3 year old birthday.  I could tell when I got there that it was not the time to say anything to my spouse.  But later on he came into the kitchen where I was standing, clearly open to me saying ‘something.’  So I did refer to something I had shared with him at one of our son’s homes a month ago or so.  He was ready with a response.  That was it; but it was clearly a baby step forward. Glory to God!”

IN: CK was impressed when his wife expressed concern for his finances and was encouraged that she is praying for him.

MO: “After no contact for 20 years, I was able to see my spouse in December at my granddaughter’s wedding. He said he had never stopped loving me. He is in a non-covenant relationship and doesn’t feel he can leave the other woman because of feeling obligated to take care of her. He has been calling me approximately once a week.”

TX: CK shared that she prayed that her spouse would begin communicating with her. He now calls and texts twice a day. That is a pretty nifty answer to prayer. “Father, in Jesus’ name, do that for all of us – Godly communication.”