Covenant Moments

Published April 11, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

The message below is from Dolores Porter. She and her husband Lee had a restored marriage. What a blessing for Lee to thank Dolores for standing and taking him back. Each time they attended conference you could see that Lee adored Dolores. We are also thankful that God restored their marriage and that they had many years of marriage to enjoy their life together. This is a picture of their vows spoken at a CKI conference in Tulsa.

Hi Carolyn, Yes, Lee passed on January 30th. It still feels very “raw.” He passed in his sleep. Although I know he’s with the Lord I still miss him very much. There were lots of “signs” I missed. I think that’s because God knew I’d get in the way. Lee was ready to get out of his old body. I was blessed to live with a loving kind man who adored me. He was never harsh or rude to me. If he even thought he was raising his voice, he’d quickly apologize. All that said, when I needed “correction” he did not hesitate to gently say what I needed to hear. To the end, and often a bit misty eyed, Lee continued to thank me for standing, for taking him back. It was an honor to be his wife!



AZ: My husband drove an hour and a half for a recent visit. He talked to me a lot about people we used to know (when we lived outside the USA) asking me if I remembered them. He was very relaxed with me (the first time in years that he was not guarded and distant around me). He took a picture of me too which startled me as he did not say anything before he took it. He just pointed his phone and took it. At the end of the evening I asked that if he made contact with one of the people we knew who lives in the US now would he let me know. He said that he would and he took my phone number so he could text me. I did not ask him for his phone number but left the ball in his court. When he left he turned around waved and smiled at me – praise God!

CA: I am praising God for bringing my husband to California for the weekend although his arrival time kept getting later and later and went from Saturday to Sunday. Sunday we had family obligations, however, I was able to drive our son to have a two hour visit with his dad and our son said he really liked spending time with his dad. It was just the two of them and they walked to get food because they had no car. My husband even came to my car and we chatted a bit about our son and some of the things going on in life. It filled my heart with happiness to hear that they enjoyed their time together.

FL: CK praises God for the recent small, personal interactions she has been experiencing that are initiated by her husband.

OK: CK was recently greatly encouraged when she heard from her husband who was requesting photos of their children.

CK gave praise regarding some contact he has had with his wife. She has finally started to communicate with their kids and grandkids.

CK thanks the Lord for moving in her husband’s heart. He came by, hugged and kissed her and asked for prayers for him to understand boundaries and to come out of his present non-covenant marriage.

WA: CK’s husband has full time work now and he has told her that he would not add her to his new insurance plan. He later changed his mind because “she was his wife and does a lot for the family.”