Covenant Moments From Around The World

Published September 17, 2014 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

  United Kingdom   UNITED KINGDOM

CK in UK repents to husband for disrespecting him in years past. He responds in forgiveness and declaring he still loves her.

CK has had Godly communication with their spouse after they had declared they would not ever speak to them.

CK was contacted by their spouse who asked for information regarding CK’s memory of a special event 30 years ago.


CA: CK thanks the Lord for good communication and help with the car from her husband.

CK and husband’s communication is improving. There’s appreciation and recognition of her gifts and talents in a new way.

LA: CK met briefly with her husband for the first times in years, just one-on-one. She was at peace. He was very nervous.

NC: Four members of a North Carolina group reported that they’d had contact recently with their spouses. The connections that were made were all good and the softening of hearts was apparent.

CK is encouraged. His wife is now reaching out to him and communicating freely with him.

CK thanks God that her husband now responds immediately to her texts or calls about their children. He used to not respond or take a longer time in getting back with her.

OK: CK’s husband talked to her when she dropped their son off and he was friendly. He hadn’t spoken to her since December.

CK agreed to let her husband’s brother and his wife stay with her temporarily – she consulted her husband first. This has opened some communication. Her husband bought groceries to help out.

When CK’s wife filed for divorce he asked if they could mediate so she agreed to meet with his counselors who helped them come to an agreement. She then invited herself to eat lunch with him J.

CK’s husband came over and they had a good visit. He took her out to dinner and later gave her advice about a situation at work which she followed.

OR: CK was delighted to have spent 2 full days with her hubby in CA. It was a very successful time together!

PA: CK had an opportunity to see his wife at a friend’s funeral. He had not seen her in six years. They chatted briefly. She also talked to his parents who received her well. His mom shared that they both (she and the wife) cried together a bit.

CK (who has been missing for several months) called to talk in the past week.

TX: “Today was our 30th anniversary. My husband called to wish me a Happy Anniversary”!

CK was encouraged when her husband voluntarily placed extra money in her account when she was running low.

CK invited her husband to dinner for their son’s birthday. He declined, then he texted that “since we are divorced,” they should no longer have joint accounts, she should get her own insurance, etc., and he wants the kids to come to his home to visit. She immediately called him and they had a good talk. She assured him she wants the kids to visit him. God turned it around and her husband ended up coming to the birthday dinner after all!