Covenant Moments – March 2014

Published March 9, 2014 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


CK: CK’s husband, whom she had not seen since she was diagnosed with cancer, popped in unexpectedly to let her know that he had a cancerous growth removed from his head and also had had a scan. He sounded quite ‘down’ but after chatting together for a while he seemed to perk up. CK told him the only way she could get through her situation, was to tell God exactly how she felt. As far as CK knows, the scan was clear.


GA: CK and her husband were together during their daughter’s oral surgery. He came by later that day and stayed for 45 minutes. Surgery went well.

CK is now doing his laundry at her house. He also works in the yard with her!

CK’s husband wanted her to take a look into his eyes to see that he had cataract surgery. He was very friendly to her – a nice miracle!

OK: CK’s husband has returned home. It appears that the relationship with the other woman has ended.

CK’s husband is helping her care for their grandson. They had a family birthday party at a pizza restaurant and he slipped CK $100 to pay for the party. The other woman was there but this was not a problem.

CK’s husband seems torn between his dating life and time with his children

OR: CK is grateful for an improvement in the style of communication she is experiencing with her husband as well as more unity and a healthy friendship.