Does God…?

Published January 22, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

Does God…

settle for 2nd best?

give up pursuing?

cease loving?

finish forgiving?

stop believing a heart will change for good?

faint in the face of rejection?

tire from doing good?

give up on any of His?

stop believing the best?

retreat in battle?

wrestle with the flesh?

feel sorry for Himself?

back off from His promises?

withhold Himself from others?

Well, then neither will I.

I Want

I want God to be all that I’m missing.

I want to love without reservation.

I want to be reined in by Him.

I want a Parent’s heart: wise in word, diligent in deed.

I want to seek endurance over removal of pain, joy over happiness.

I want to be a flesh peeler, cross hanger, distraction destroyer.

I want to jump into Jesus’ lap.

I want to be fruitful every day of my life.

I want to break free from doubt’s chains.

I want to grow in grace.

I want to be embossed by the Best.

I want to hope without wavering.

I want the end of what I can’t do to be the beginning of what He can.

I want to possess what He has promised.

I want His word proven in my deed.

I want fear to see its own face.

I want to hear clearly the orders from my Commander.

I want God’s way over my will.

I want to prize what God has given me.

I want to be creative carrying out God’s love.

I want to brag about my Savior.

I want to be hooked on heaven’s Current.

I want to be a possessor not a renter.

I want to be God’s rest area.

I want to give my best.

I want the Lord to fashion my passion.

I want to take a step closer to Him so He will take a step closer to me.