Don’t Sit While You Stand – The Journey

Published January 31, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

The Rescue

Swiftly the paramedics lifted the lifeless body into the waiting ambulance. There was no time to lose. As the siren cranked to high volume and the vehicle lurched into action, skilled hands worked quickly, establishing an IV line, bandaging, monitoring. Perhaps it would all be in vain. The victim seemed drained of all life. Perhaps too much of her blood had been lost on that street where she was found. Undaunted, the paramedics continued their efforts.

Slowly the victim opened her eyes. Although she could see and hear all that was going on around her, she felt numb and somehow strangely detached. “Am I going to be okay?” The words formed in her mind, but couldn’t make it to her voice.

Too busy to notice her half-opened eyes, her rescuers continued to work feverishly. “Looks like we got to this one just in time,” one of them muttered as he checked the cardiac monitor. “Yeah, not much longer and we’d be heading for the morgue,” the other one answered. Although her mouth showed no movement, the victim smiled to herself. “I’m going to make it,” she thought as she slipped back into unconsciousness.

The Hospital

Bright lights and clanging metal startled her to consciousness again. “Where am I?” she wondered. As if she had thought out loud, a smiling face appeared to answer her question. “You’re in the recovery room, honey. You gave us quite a scare. When they found you, you had almost bled to death. You were attacked pretty viciously, but I’m happy to tell you that they’ve stopped the bleeding and you’re on the road to recovery!” The victim smiled weakly.

Perhaps the first sign of life returning was the searing pain she now felt. It seemed to engulf her. It was hard to think of anything else. “Is this what life will feel like now?” she asked the nurse. “Will this pain ever stop or will I hurt like this forever?”

“It’ll go away in time, honey, but you’re going to be pretty sore for a while. Now try to get some rest. You’ve got some challenging days ahead of you.”

2 Months Later

Thinking back now to those first few hours she had to laugh. She had only thought she knew what pain was then. Ha! It was nothing compared to the pain of physical therapy. Her hands gripping the arms of her chair, she stared at the door, waiting for it to open. Any moment the person she dreaded the most was going to enter the room and begin working with her. Sweat began pouring down her forehead as she thought of the hour that lay ahead. The only thing that kept her from bolting that very minute was the realization that without help, she would never again have full mobility. As much as it hurt to push muscles past their pain threshold, it would hurt more to be crippled for life. Just then the door opened and her therapist entered. “Well, here we go.” She took a deep breath. One hour at a time. She could do that. One hour at a time.

6 Months Later

A confidant young woman walked briskly down the hospital corridor. A slight limp was all that betrayed the pain of the previous months. A few more months of physical therapy and even that would be gone. A few small scars were all that were left to remind of her gruesome ordeal. Perhaps they would always be there, but the pain that had caused them was gone.

Today, though, it was not her own trauma that was on her mind. Down the hall, around the corner, in room 242 another woman waited. A few weeks ago she too had been attacked. They found her lying in an alley, unconscious and lifeless. The medical team had managed to save her life, but now it was her soul that needed rescuing.

Rounding the corner the young woman smiled. Becoming involved in the lives of others had changed her life. Her own trauma was no longer a meaningless incident. Now it gave her the basis from which to minister hope and healing to others. Her life had new meaning, new purpose. She knew the woman down the hall would need a lot of love and support. She also knew that total healing was possible because she had walked the road herself. She knew that the trauma was not the end, it was the beginning of a long journey. Again she smiled. It felt great to no longer think of herself as a victim. She stood before door 242. The victor had arrived.


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