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I would like to share some of the things I have learned on my Covenant Keeping journey…


During a meeting of the Smyrna, GA group, a gentleman started his story with, “When I got the bad news…,” at which time all in attendance broke into laughter because we, too, so well-remembered that moment in our lives! No one can possibly understand that devastation and mourning without experiencing it. We who have walked through it can recall, in great detail, the loss of our beloved spouse and all that the loss involved. The mourning seemed unbearable at that time, but the Word of God in Ecclesiastes 3:4b says, There is a time to mourn…,” showing that God wants us to heal and get past that loss. Sadly, I’ve met some people whose mourning has never ended.

The Bible promises, “Beauty for ashes,” and, “The oil of joy for mourning!” It also says to put on “A garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness.” However, it’s a decision to put on that garment; it does not fall out of the sky! It’s a decision to give Him a sacrifice of praise and a decision to put on praise music! God inhales our praises and exhales His presence.

Unfortunately, continuing heartaches happen when we focus on our losses rather than focusing on God. Often a new Covenant Keeper comes into our group with this one thought: “God, ya gotta heal my marriage!” We try to help that person understand that the most important thing is to draw close to God during this time of separation. Scriptures such as Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart,” and Matthew 6:33, “Seek FIRST His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you,” show God’s desire to restore and heal. When a loving fellowship with the Father is achieved, the marriage being restored is the “icing on the cake!”

Here are two “icing” testimonies…

I heard the testimony of a woman who prayed for 13 years for her husband to straighten out. When he finally had gotten radically saved – she had just given up and gotten quite bitter. Her husband chose to lay down his life for her despite her contempt. Because he now loved her with God’s love, his deepest prayer was that she get right with the Lord. After several months, God audibly spoke to his wife melting all of her defiance and bitterness. God showed her that her prayers in the past were selfish and He could not answer them. She realized that she prayed for her husband to change only so that her life would be better, not his!

A gal in our local group, who now has a healed marriage, shared that when, during her stand, she gave all her expectations to God; life became so much easier for her. Her husband was one that would come and go, making it very hard. Each time his actions were hurtful, she would raise her hands up to the Lord and say, “Here God, he is yours.” She spent lots of time reading the Bible at night instead of fretting. She delighted herself in the Lord and SHE was changed! The result: her beloved husband came home!

Personally, I have experienced that when I give all my expectations to God, it is literally amazing! Instead of being afraid and not acting like myself, I actually relax and enjoy the moment. My son once said to me, “Mom, I wish you would quit acting like a ditz around dad. I like you much better when you act like yourself.”

Give your expectations to God and see what happens!

…to be continued….