Greetings from the Covenant Keepers in Mexico City

Published August 4, 2017 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

I bring you greetings from a group of Covenant Keepers, Guardadores de Pacto, that I was able to meet for lunch in Mexico City in May of 2017. Laura Gamboa, the CKI National Director of Mexico, has been leading one to three groups of women for about 15 years since Marilyn Conrad and I first went there to train leaders. Laura brought along four women to the lunch. Carolyn and Rex had sent greetings to Laura with me and Laura in turn sent her greetings and wanted all Covenant Keepers and the Johnsons to know how blessed they have been to have curriculum in Spanish for the groups. She asked if we could translate more material for them. That is another item that needs prayer because it takes a lot of help to do translations.

The four women Guaradores asked me to share my testimony and I heard their stories, too. They had many questions about standing for their marriages. We talked about the importance of trusting God to heal our broken hearts, to help us forgive our prodigal spouses and to teach our children about covenant marriage. There were emotions and tears that are familiar to all of us. I thanked Laura for being their teacher and encourager, for being so faithful in this ministry. What a sweet time we had together! Since this was not an official CKI trip I felt very blessed that the Lord helped me arrange the meeting.

Laura requests our prayers as she intends to turn over her leadership to two of these precious women because she is moving out of the city. She pointed out to me that I had trained one of them for leadership when I had trained Laura. I am thankful that the Lord is helping them to continue to help others with the comfort that they have found for themselves. Would you please pray for the Mexico City group?

At this meeting I had the assistance of a local teenage girl, Alicia, as my translator. Afterwards I asked her if she learned anything from hearing all these tragic stories. I was praying that she wasn’t marred for life herself! She quickly said, “Yes, I learned that I need to start praying now for my future husband and my children.” Then I added that she should always remember that her future marriage will be a lifetime covenant.

The reason I went to Mexico was to accompany three women from Esther Hedrick’s church here in Pennsylvania to assist women in a Mexico City church with their weekend Women’s Outreach Conference. Esther, my dear friend since our nursing school days and my co-leader of our local CK group for many years and I had decided to celebrate our birthdays with this trip. The Monte Maria Church is a very large church that meets outdoors because of the large numbers of people who come. The history of this church is amazing. Back in the 80s and 90s the Holy Spirit descended and blessed thousands with miracles of healing. You can read about it on their website. The people are filled with the love of Jesus and it  shows in their love to worship and to serve. We were on the receiving end of their love and graciousness over and over. They took really good care of us.

We also got to do some sightseeing while we were there, touring the city and visiting Chapultepec Castle, the Teotihuacan pyramids and the Bellas Artes Ballet Folklorico.