Have a Steadfast Mind on God’s Word

Published March 12, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

Dear CK Friends, I’m writing you so that you do not to lose heart and to encourage you to rest in Yeshua and be confident in our Father in heaven. I have stopped counting the years that my husband left…a long time ago. I have peace because I know it is the will of God that I remain faithful to my husband in the good and in the bad times.

God has shown me that I was very wrong in my mindset, in how I saw the world, and in how I acted. It hasn’t been easy. Yes, I cried; Yes, I was discouraged; Yes, I didn’t understand; Yes, I wanted it to happen quickly; Yes, I wanted things to go my way. Yes, to so many things, but God had mercy on my soul. I’m encouraging all of you to understand that standing is a lifestyle – there is no time limit or conditions to it. If you don’t have a steadfast mind on God’s Word, you will surely quit.

Make the decision to stand for God’s will and truth! I’m very grateful to God and I can say that today I have a friend in my husband. He is my best friend. I have learned to honor, respect, and admire him. Recently, we had a difference in opinion about an issue related to one of our sons. My husband stood firmly in his way of thinking and I shared mine. I chose to take one step back and honor his decision. After that, he sent me a text asking if I was okay. I wasn’t really OK with the specific issue, but I thought, ‘I will get over it as I normally do.” Then, at lunch, as we were talking, I shared with him that I was recently complimented at work for looking so young. I said that I responded that I see myself as a granny.

We kept talking and the issue about our son came up again. I asked him if I could explain something to him and if he could be open-minded about the situation. He answered, “Well, I’ll be open-minded, but I won’t change my decision.” I said, “OK.” As we were talking, his phone rang. It was the other woman. He was hostile and annoyed with her. I left the living room so he could talk.

You remember he said that he wouldn’t change his mind? Well, after hanging up his call with the other woman, he called our son and said, “God has put this matter on my heart, Son.” He changed his decision in our son’s favor. I was so astonished! I couldn’t even speak; my eyes filled with tears. Wow! God spoke to me and said, “You can’t change him, but I can change him in the blinking of an eye.” I’m so grateful for God’s work in his life…and, right in front of me!

A few days later my husband called and shared his heart with me. What he shared was very profound. He said, “I want to please God and I want God to have pleasure in me.” That touched my heart! I was so thankful!  I told my husband that I respect his decision. I was so emotional because my husband’s surrender to what God wants him to do is a HUGE step!

We enjoy a very good relationship. I want God to work in our situation and in me especially with regards to the other woman. I want God’s will and I want to give God the space to work.

So, friends, pray for all of us as the Spirit of God guides you. I’m praying for God’s will to be done. God can do anything, anywhere, anytime! Thanks for praying for us!