Helpful Tidbits for Keeping Covenant

Published July 31, 2017 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

  1. Forgiveness is not an option, it is a commandment.


  1. I forgive for my sake. Unforgiveness is a sin and I do not want to be separated from the Lord.


  1. There is freedom in forgiveness.


  1. Making a decision to forgive in advance will allow me to not take on an offense.


  1. God does not give me the ability to take on other people’s offense; He only gives me the ability to forgive in the area where I have been offended.


  1. Love is a decision just as forgiveness is a decision.


  1. According to Philippians 4:7-9 I can control the thought that I dwell on. I cannot keep thoughts from traveling through my mind, but I can prevent them from staying in my mind.


  1. All of my sin issues are heart issues.


  1. Out of the abundance of my heart my mouth will eventually speak.


  1. If my heart is full of Jesus I can overcome sin and make Godly decisions.


  1. I can praise myself into joy and peace.


  1. Praise will overcome sin


  1. Praise stops the devil’s lies in your mind and doesn’t allow the lies into your spirit.


  1. The things I think on are my reality. That is why I think on things that are good, pure and of good report.


  1. I often get tripped by my lips. It’s best to remain silent.


  1. I don’t have to speak everything that flies through my mind.


  1. Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up.


  1. The devil cannot read our minds and hearts – only the Lord can do that.


  1. The Word is truth even if you don’t believe it. So speak the Word of God until you believe it in your heart.


  1. The devil can only act on what we tell him when we speak. Tell the devil what God says: “I hate divorce and marital separation.”


  1. Fight the devil not your spouse. Your spouse is not your enemy.


  1. Repent for your sin against your spouse, both to your spouse and to the Lord. You are not responsible for your spouse’s response to your request for forgiveness.


  1. Be careful of your friends and family. They want you to stop hurting and they believe you will no longer hurt if you get rid of your spouse. The ripping and tearing of the “one-flesh” by divorce and separation is more painful than fighting the devil for restoration. Both are painful but divorce has lasting effects on generations.


  1. Choose your friends wisely during marital problems. Choose those who will agree with the Word of God and will hold you responsible for your actions. A true friend will speak God’s truth to you even when it may appear to be harsh.


  1. Only God can heal the broken hearted. Allow Him the time needed for this process.


  1. Don’t allow the devil to tell you that something must be done by a certain time. God chooses the timing, not the devil.


  1. When you give your spouse an ultimatum you are basically saying, “If you don’t do ‘right’ I will do ‘wrong.’” Ultimatums puts conditions on your love and forgiveness. The strength of the tool you use to get something is the strength of your ability to keep it. Ultimatums are the wrong tools. The Word of God is the only tool strong enough to get and keep what is God’s best for us. According to Romans 12:21, we don’t overcome evil with evil


  1. You are not your spouse’s “Jr. Holy Spirit.” The Lord is quite capable of dealing with your spouse without your interference.


  1. Only Jesus can change a heart. Allow Him to do so with your heart and trust your spouse’s heart in the Lord’s hands.


  1. Ask the Lord for a rhema word – God’s word from the Bible that speaks directly to your situation.


  1. The devil does not care what your pastor said, what your family said or what you believe. He will bow and give up only at the Word of truth from the Bible. Jesus fought the devil with the Word. You must fight the devil with the Word.


  1. You must know the Word and speak the Word in order to fight the devil.


  1. Jesus has already defeated the devil.


  1. Your spouse is not bigger than your God. Allow God to change your spouse. He will do a better job than you because He knows their heart.


  1. Nothing is impossible with our Lord.


  1. When someone says, “I don’t want my spouse to come home,” I encourage them by saying, “That’s good because you will get a new spouse when you allow the Lord to work in your situation. You will not be the same person and neither will your spouse.”


  1. Trust the Jesus in your spouse. Jesus will never disappoint you; your spouse will.


  1. Fighting for the restoration of your marriage is not easy but is worth the time and effort in order that Jesus might be glorified in your family for generations to come.


  1. There is nowhere your spouse can go nor anything you spouse can do that will escape our Lord’s knowledge. He knows everything and is everywhere. He can bring any prodigal home. Leave the timing up to Him.


  1. You don’t get the peace that passes all understanding until you give up your supposed right to understand. God works in mysterious ways that you will never understand.


  1. Jesus said that we must die in order to live. Dead men have no rights!


  1. Faith is not cheap. Take it from someone who’s been there- refuse to define the way your spouse must act, the way they look at you or treat you. Look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of your faith. Do all you do as unto the Lord; get excited about what HE is doing in you. Be intentional. Identify and plan something unique for when your one flesh covenant is manifest.


  1. Having a daily attitude of praise to the Lord is important for many reasons. Praising the Lord stills the enemy, removes fear and glorifies the Father.


  1. Spoken by a returned prodigal, “I just want to give advice from a former prodigal. I know you are desperate for your family to be united, I know. I will advise that you not get ahead of the Holy Spirit. You’re praying for restoration, right? Then just let GOD move. Don’t get anxious because He’s not moving quickly enough. You have to move out of the way and stop hounding your spouse. If you would “listen” to advice that you ask for and take heed and live in God’s time then you will see movement. You can do NOTHING to make them come home if they aren’t ready. Nothing. And what someone else did may not work for you. When my husband kept texting, calling, begging for me to come home, I got annoyed and it made it all that much easier not to come home. But when he got out of God’s way, THAT’S when I could hear GOD; then and only then. Every judgment my husband tried to lay on me failed. Only GOD could get through. So please focus. Focus on GOD!”


  1. Many Christians who are trusting God to heal their marriages have been told, “Don’t bother to pray – you know they have a free will.” This is a true statement. However, as we pray God’s will into someone’s life they change their minds and will choose to do God’s will. God hears your prayers when you pray “Lord, Your will be done in my marriage.” He says in His Word that He hates divorce, so we know what His will is. God changes hearts and wills.