It’s Time For A Covenant Psalm 

Published June 11, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

Lord, my heart seems to expand. I want to be together with my wife and family to live the life You wanted for us from the beginning. When You drew us together, You welded a bond that extended beyond physical life. When You saw us take our vows, we were both too naive to understand what they meant. You were there and viewed us through eternity’s eyes, and now that “til death do us part” is my calling from You. To entrust what You call dear as my covenant with You and my spouse.

You knew our differences. You knew our faults. And You must have shook Your head when we tried to convince each other who was right and who was wrong. Yet You patiently, and in my case long-sufferingly, brought me to a place where I lost sight of my rags and began seeing only Your truth, Your love, and Your character. For that I will trade nothing.

I confess I still even choose to sin over following You. Yet You graciously and lovingly call me back to righteousness. You only want what is good for me, and You continue to pattern my steps toward You.

Lord, there is no other place I would rather be. I have learned that it is better to seek Your best than to settle for anything less. For if I can’t have as much of You as possible, I am shorting myself. For someone to say, “Get on with your life,” they must not see Who is filling the gap in my life while the heart of my spouse is being repaired. We must not look to temporal solutions which have eternal consequences.

Lord, when my soul gets tenderized over the love You intended between man and wife, I have to throw my hope in Your Word and Your promise. You came that we may have life and have it abundantly. I’m believing for the reality of that promise in the healing of my marriage. I’m trusting without wavering that Your middle name is Deliverance, Restoration and Reconciliation. I’m believing that You will finish the good work You started in us.

Lord, keep my mouth, soul, and flesh in check. They keep clamoring for first place and that place is reserved for the Best. I elect to be kept and grown by You from now on. I choose to let You heal my covenant spouse and I will keep my hands off until You are done. You are one awesome God. You stayed with my soul until it was hungry and ready for You. For this I am indescribably grateful.

Continue Your work. Warn me of my interference. Show me how to enjoy this life as You do. Lord, let us be so close that I feel the pulse of Your heart as we share.

Finally, thank You for everything. I would have never known how desperate I was until You took away all the props. It wasn’t fun, but the riches I have gained from it are infinitely worth it. You are such a loving Lord!