Look What God is Doing

Published October 25, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in ,


CK had lots for which to praise the Lord after several weeks of visiting with family. Her husband was there too and thanked CK’s brother for taking good care of her. Soon after that, she was at a church event with other women where she was able to share about covenant marriage with one woman whose husband had recently left. She saw that her words were like water to a dry plant. Then, coming home, she was able to contact her daughter-in-law for the first time in a long time. Usually, she doesn’t know what to talk about with her but, this time, they talked about the royal wedding and her daughter-in-law mentioned that they watched it. She pulled out their wedding album and showed it to the kids and told them how important marriage is.


CA: CK is delighted to share that he heard from his daughter for his birthday and they have been texting ever since!

GA: CK thanks the Lord for recent comments from her husband. He told her he is sorry for the things he has done to her through the years.

IL: CK shares: “I have renewed my prayers for covering my family more completely. I know that the hedge of protection is powerful for protection as well as choking out anything the enemy has planned. So, I now pray for my spouse and me and for everyone down through the family. I pray for protection and conviction of sin. God is good!”

MN: CK was greatly encouraged and is praising the Lord to find out that, at a recent work conference (pregnancy ministry), scripture was incorporated with the medical topics presented.

NC: (Wilmington) CK shared that she is so grateful that her home weathered Hurricane Florence so well. She has many trees surrounding her house and only had to deal with picking up lots of debris. Even the food in her freezer survived. CK works at Wilmington hospital, where, at last report, 50 employees lost homes due to the hurricane! The hospital is graciously giving each employee a $100 gift card to help with any unexpected expenses caused by the storm. She is grateful for her job and for the hospital’s support for her community.

OK: CK praises God for providing just the right job for her daughter, enabling her to move into a new apartment. The added blessing was that CK’s husband worked together with them all day during the move. For the first time in many years, he even sat across from CK at lunch and dinner. He was excited to see and talk with her.

CK thanks God that she was able to see her husband at his sister’s home. She gives praise for the recent call and text she received from him.

CK was encouraged when she was invited to a recent dinner with her husband.

OR: CK thanks the Lord for the healed relationship with her daughter-in-law. She has been able to come alongside and help her recently.

CK is grateful for the good challenges that are coming his way at work. He’s been recently asked to help with several significant projects.

TX: CK thanks the Lord for His timely provision. She was praying for a car for herself or for her daughter for the last six months.  Then, out of the blue, the Attorney General made a huge deposit of previously unpaid child support which paid for 3/4 of the cost of the car she bought!

WA: CK thanks the Lord for the huge improvement in her relationship with her daughter. It is now more honoring than ever before.