Look What God Is Doing

Published December 27, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


CA: Praising God for the joy with which He continues to fill my heart. I am so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. Last week I went with some friends to watch a play about C.S. Lewis and enjoyed having that time with faith-filled women who understand and support my stand. Also, this weekend I completed a Tough Mudder event with my son and friends. We had such a good time! Through the training for that event, God showed me that, even when I feel that I’ve reached my limit, I can push myself further. I’ve heard very little from the other side of the mountain, but I still have faith that God is working. I have also felt nudging from God to continue to “get my house in order,” so I continue to pray for help with that. I’m still standing.

FL: CK thanks the Lord for several conversations she had with her husband this week. They even were able to laugh together as they shared.

IL: After a rough week, CK had a weekend sent from the Lord Himself. Friday night, she was with her two oldest grandchildren and had a wonderful time. It was so amazing; it seemed magical. Saturday, she had buyers come to pick up her canoe and pay for it. That was followed by CK and her daughter having a rare afternoon and evening together; they ran an errand, had fun over coffee, visited a new antique shop, and met with a cousin. Sunday, CK taught little ones at church for the first time in a long time. So amazing!

Another CK shares a praise report of the wonderful picture of God changing a heart.  “One of the three high school friends I had is still living.  She opted for a life in New York City and, though she went to be on stage as a dancer, her plans changed and she became a stylist in an upscale hair salon where she served movie stars and politicians’ wives.  Needless to say, I became unnecessary baggage to her.  Last week I saw her mother’s obituary.  I had already skipped the funerals of her father and her oldest brother.  This time, though, the Lord grabbed my heart and I thought, regardless of how she feels, I need to go.  The praise is that the Lord had completely changed her heart.  She was SO glad to see me, apologized profusely for letting go of me, and invited me to stay for the meal following the funeral and burial so that we could catch up.  I heard from her again before the weekend was over.  It was a wonderful gift to us both.”

MN: CK thanks the Lord for His faithfulness. The pregnancy center where she works recently had its biggest fundraiser ever.

NC: CK praises God as He keeps downloading encouragement to her as she spends time praying in the spirit. She received prophetic messages from Him through prayer and reading the Word. He is faithful!

CK shares, “The Lord graciously continues to remind me of how HE has provided for me in the past and how HE is guiding me. I’m forever grateful as I recount the goodness of what He has already done for me and am assured He’ll continue!  God has renewed a friendship with a local lady who used to attend church with me. I had forgotten how God had originally made the connection until we spent many hours together this past weekend. We were both amazed and delighted at God’s goodness toward us. The renewing of the friendship is in time for her college roomie to find out about Covenant Keepers and become a part of our CK family, attending her first meeting this week. God is faithful!  May God’s blessings overwhelm us all as we pause to remember what He has so graciously given. May He multiple those blessings to us in this season of giving. I encourage everyone to please remember CK in your giving as this ministry is such a HUGE blessing to each of us. Where would we be today without Covenant Keepers?

NY: CK thanks God for moving them on to the next step in their lives. She and her husband are going to counseling so that they can be friends and receive healing for resentment.

OR: CK received a document for retirement and is getting a refund due to her employer’s error. Her retirement plan is still moving along. She and her spouse are talking more and praying. He told her he can “feel it” when she doesn’t pray.