Look What God is Doing

Published February 28, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


CA: I just have to praise God for His provision. For the past year I have felt that I was to do work on our home and God has provided the resources to do it. I recently had to replace my front door and screen door but my regular handyman use was unavailable. I found a new workman who has been such a blessing. I had to special order my door, but he is charging me almost nothing and offered to do some repairs for free. He explained that he takes care of his kids when his wife works but, when the kids are in school, he loves doing handy work to help people.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to do a canoe trip with my son and the Boy Scouts. I always feel God’s presence when I’m in nature. I noticed thorn bushes at every stop along the river…a reminder me to continue praying for my husband. It was a great time on the Colorado River with my son.

I also read a book called Ridiculous Faith and was encouraged to remember God’s ability to make things happen in His timing. It was filled with “but God” moments. I do get discouraged sometimes, but God reminds me that certain things must happen as a part of His plan. I am still standing!

CT: CK sees that the Lord is making connections for her with her grandson her even though he lives so far away. It is an answer to prayer.

FL: CK’s husband is stopping by to see her and asking questions about things she told him days earlier. She is encouraged because he was not as attentive when they were together.

NC: CK shares that her spouse recently asked her for paperwork regarding his pension and his military retirement. She was able to quickly put her hands on it and gave him copies. She prayed over the situation and, although she feels that she should have some part of the retirement, she gave it to the Lord, knowing He is her Jehovah Jireh and that He will take care of her without saying anything. She praised God that, for the first time in six years, her husband sent her birthday wishes!

CK reported that the Lord graciously divulged some pertinent information to her that helps her know better how to pray for her husband (and the other woman).

She says, “Our God is faithful! I praise Him for all He is doing in and thru’ me (ouch, hallelujah) and am reminded daily HE IS FAITHFUL! I had a couple of “character building” days and God showed Himself strong. I am thankful for godly friends who pray for me and keep me on track with the truth of His Word. As CKI  Ministry Co-Director, Carolyn Johnson, always says, ‘Watch your mouth!’ Praising Him for that good counsel, too! I could recount all the “things” the enemy threw at me, but would rather recount the goodness and faithfulness of the One who redeems it all!”

OR: CK is greatly encouraged as her husband calls her every night now and they are growing together.

CK thanks the Lord for His provision in moving her into better housing and that her daughter assisted her with the move as well.

CK is amazed and delighted at how God is working on two fronts: she sees the hearts of her two boys changing and she is welcoming people who need hope at her door day after day because God is leading them to her!

CK’s church recently blessed him by celebrating his upcoming birthday with pecan pie, cards, and flowers. A ten-year old girl wrote him a wonderful card thanking him for teaching her to play the piano. He was delighted by all the love and kindness!