Look What God Is Doing

Published April 25, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


Dear Covenant friends let us not lose hope. Keep doing what God wants. Remember God’s Word has given us the legal right to stand for the restoration of our homes. While His promises are conditional, the love of God is unconditional.


CA: CK rejoices in the good and positive communication she recently had with her spouse.

CK shares, “My God is faithful and continues to provide. I feel like there is a shift in my stand because I no longer feel like I am ‘watching the pot, waiting for it to boil.’ I now trust that God is doing some major construction on the other side of the mountain and I continue to focus on improving myself and putting my house in order. I hope to be able to return to the CKI group meetings when my son’s baseball season is over because I really miss my CK family and their spiritual support. I’m still standing!”

GA: Praise the Lord! CK was delighted at church on Sunday when the pastor preached on marriage as a covenant—not a contract. He said that, although we live in a culture of divorce, his church would treat marriage as a covenant!

FL: CK has been greatly encouraged as her husband continues to spend time with her and she sees his heart soften more and more.

CK is usually a skeptic when hearing people say that they “hear from God,” but now celebrates a breakthrough because she recently “heard God” tell her to buy a refrigerator for a Women’s Pregnancy Center!

IL: I am thankful and praising the Lord that, in the midst of a recent trial and temptation, my Lord and Savior, Jesus, reset my hope, my strength, and my identity in Him.

CK is praising God for rich times of prayer enabling her to cover her family more effectively.

CK is grateful to the Lord for an opportunity to apply for Voluntary Retirement during a time of major cuts at the university where he serves. Final approval will arrive in five weeks, but God has already provided summer employment for him! He will need to continue to work part time until January 2021, but, right now, is enjoying spring break during which he can give praise!

OR: CK thanks the Lord for her apartment situation. God has established her in a place where there is lots of support for her and her family.

CK thanks God for the changes she has seen in her own heart. She’s also seeing doors open to be able to speak into the lives of her grandchildren and her friends.

CK shares how God is helping her in this season of life. She recently retired and enjoyed a party given by her co-workers. She was also encouraged by her husband’s tender response after she apologized to him for something.

CK praises the Lord that her husband is calling her daily from work on his lunch hour. Also, her relationship with her sister-in-law is being restored.

CK thanks the Lord for clearly speaking to him directly and through the Scriptures.

PA: When CK had some work done on his car, the mechanic mentioned that the sub frame was rotted out, that it would not pass inspection, and fixing it could cost up to $1300! CK looked up factory recalls, and, after some wrangling, was blessed to learn that the manufacturer would do the repairs at no charge!