Look What God Is Doing

Published May 16, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


When CK took advantage of the prayer ministry at her church on Sunday, she ended up praying with a couple who previously advised her to “move on with her life!” This time, however, when she asked for prayer for restoration, they told her that her marriage was being restored and to not give up!

Hello to everyone at Covenant Keepers!  Thank you for all you do. Keep up the good work which is so needed these days. Thank you, Koji and Deana Bell, for stepping up to the helm as our next CKI Directors! Stand strong everyone!



Dear CK friends, whatever is going on… “We are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.” Hebrews 10:39



CK shares…Being unequally yoked but saved two years after our wedding has created definite challenges. Often, family members do not get my 1 Peter 3 stand. I experienced the power of God when I admitted that my flesh had reacted but then humbled myself before God with fasting and prayer. The following day, I saw light overcome darkness and received blessings from my enemies. I then received the Father’s loving instruction!



FL: CK’s husband gave her a birthday gift, continues to spend time with her and shows that his heart is softening more and more! So much for which to be thankful!

CK received more emotional healing from Jesus this week and recently enjoyed time together with friends and family.

IL: With the change in my schedule, graduation over, May term beginning, and the anticipation of free time, the Lord is providing good things to draw me closer to Him.  Hallelujah! I am looking forward to having this Sunday, Mother’s Day, with my children.  It is also a blessing to see how people are responding to my retirement.  Very sweet…God is good.

MN: CK recently had a wonderful trip to Japan. While there, she was able to speak during a Japanese church service, sharing about her job of helping women in crisis pregnancies.

NC: CK shares…Our daughter has been working now for three weeks and received her first paycheck! But, the real praise is her calling and thanking me for never giving up on her when she was in her very dark teenage years. God has truly restored to us the years the locust had eaten! She is learning about grace while ministering to the girls with whom she works. It is so exciting to hear how she is “getting it!” If you’re struggling with teens, hold on and pray, pray, pray!

CK tells us that God is showing her so much in her daily reading. As she reads through the Old Testament once again, so many things are brought to her mind about how to pray for her spouse.

TX: CK recently had the opportunity to go on a trip to NYC with her daughter. The trip was a true joy. They had a wonderful time and experienced so much bonding in their relationship. Her daughter ended up saying that it was a “trip of a lifetime!”