Look What God is Doing

Published July 26, 2017 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


CA: CK praises God for getting her through a very busy week. She had been talking to her sister a lot about her sister’s stand and praises God for the strength that her sister is finding on her journey. She is still in the home and seeking God’s will with her marriage.

CK shares that, “Financially I am struggling but have been encouraged through various people. This morning on the radio they were talking about how God provided the Israelites with Manna and would give them “just enough” from day to day. I am grateful and appreciating that God is providing us with “just enough” and praying that God will continue to give me wisdom with finances.

CK is praising God for a beautiful weekend of camping and fishing with her son and his Boy Scout troop. She loved being out in nature, watching her son have fun and spending time with other parents. God also blessed her with some unexpected money and she was able to cut six trees down and make one of the repairs on their pool.

NC: “I’ve been offered a job as ‘tutor/teacher’ this fall for a friend’s son who is homeschooled. I’ll be working two to three days a week for five hours a day. Some extra cash will be a blessing.”

CK was blessed this weekend to attend a Barbershop Quartet show that her son was in. Her husband was a substitute for one of the members of a quartet who could not be there and he was asked to sing two songs in this show. CK was so glad to see her spouse and son singing together on stage.

CK thanks the Lord for blessing her. The central air-conditioning unit broke down and things worked out that she got someone to install new central AC for free.

OH: “Thanks to God, my trip to MN went 100% smoothly, and I feel so blessed to now have hair extensions that allow me to do whatever activities I choose to do this summer. It’s so much lighter, cooler and best of all, not able to come off! The salon owner is a wonderful Christian man, and during the five hour process, we shared much about what the Lord has done in our lives and the lives of our families, including using mistakes and wrong turns for good and teaching us lessons along the way. When I was ready to leave, he wanted to pray with me, so we went back into the salon, sat down, and he brought out anointing oil. He placed some in his hand and touched my hand as he prayed for cancer to never return in my family for 1000 generations and also for restoration of my marriage. Before the trip I jotted down the scriptures for my daily Bible reading plan and put them in my purse. That morning I read from several of the Psalms listed for that day. Psalm 103 was one of them. When I read the words, ‘Praise the LORD, oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits, Who forgives all your sins, heals all your diseases….and CROWNS you with love and compassion,’ I almost cried. I felt He was telling me He truly cared about my hair, knowing it was important to me, and was about to crown me with His love. When I got home I realized I’d written down the ‘wrong’ verses for that day, but I know in my heart they were absolutely the ‘right’ ones that God wanted me to read that morning. What an amazing God!”

CK thanks the Lord for a special blessing she received from her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law recently gave CK a present and on it is written, “Woman of God.”

TX: CK reports that the Lord gave her a vision of a three strand cord that is loosening but not breaking. The Lord also provided her with a new vehicle.

VT: CK reports that her daughter and her husband are doing great and her daughter posted a wonderful Father’s Day tribute to her husband.