Look What God Is Doing

Published March 21, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in



CK reported that he was finally able to get his truck fixed and the mechanic gave him a good deal on the labor. He also reported that his oldest daughter has been in touch with him when previously she had asked him for no contact.



CA: CK praises God for showing her son how to conduct himself in the manner of a man and not give up on his schooling.

GA: CK thanks God for her CKI home group. She had an upcoming meeting with her boss that she was concerned about. Her group prayed for her and she let them all know that the meeting went great. She also received her substitute teaching certificate thanks to one of the group member’s good advice.

IL: “I am having sweet communion with the Lord and wonderful times praising Him. New paths of submission have opened up. I will be seeing some family this weekend. I’m spending time praising the Lord.”

MN: CK reports that she recently had time to spend with her sister and it turned out to be a very good week together. She can see that God is working in her sister’s life.

CK thanks the Lord for the new ultrasound tech they have at her workplace. They now have the ability to show their babies in the womb to the women who are undecided. Yesterday, there was a woman who was undecided and after seeing the ultrasound, she decided to keep the baby.

NC: “The Lord provided for all the repairs around my house after our bitter cold and snow week (one repair still to do just before spring). He brought the right people at just the right time with just the right answer to each repair. God is faithful! And in spending time with Him and asking Him to speak to me about some specifics, He was, of course, encouraging, and shared new promises with me. Time spent with the Lord is the best time of all!”

CKI Dir. of Technology was encouraged following a recent conversation with a new stander who wanted to find a way to connect with an online group. Although the new stander currently resides in Germany she was able to be placed in a group that meets every week here in the states (CT). “She has a six hour time difference but is so eager to get connected. She’s a new believer and just left the non-Covenant marriage (and just had a baby a month ago from that second marriage). She shared that she was born again and learned about covenant marriage right after she remarried. Her covenant husband is currently remarried but she’s praying for his salvation and believes what God has done for her, He’ll do for her first husband. It was a treat to get her connected and call her on Skype! I pray more folks who are right here in the States will have the desire to connect to a CK group this year!”

CK is excited to share how God blessed her with a mighty provision. She just came back from visiting her daughter who’s spending ten months as a missionary to Uganda. CK was able to take along 1,500 diapers, several hundred “onesies” and many baby blankets that she herself had made.

OH: “Thank you so much for all you do. I pray for CKI and all the prayer warriors who are involved in so many God given blessings.”
“I was recently in the hot seat at a meeting for the school district in which I work. Prior to the meeting, I prayed for God to direct me about how to handle a situation. It involved some humility but turned out great. Today I had a letter in my mailbox at work from the superintendent. He started out saying he was disappointed about the situation but then went on to praise my humility and my words and actions. He signed it “Carl” – the head of our huge school district! This isn’t the first time God has used a blunder at work to humble me, show me what to say and then provide me with more respect and admiration from administrators as a result. It’s amazing!”

OK: CK shares of her encouragement as she now has contact daily with her husband.

CK gave a praise report sharing how very interested her daughter is in knowing what Covenant Keepers is all about. Her daughter has a Master’s degree in Family and Marriage Counseling.

CK is grateful and gave praise that her sons are starting to communicate with their dad after he recently pursued a non-covenant marriage and a few days later was beset with a heart attack.