Look What God Is Doing

Published April 25, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


CA: “Praising God for His continued faithfulness and for providing me with peace and calm in the midst of a crazy, overwhelming schedule. Our son has made the baseball team at school and this has caused some challenges for my 60+ hour-a-week work schedule, but God is faithful. He has brought wonderful, helpful people into my life that are helping with transportation.”

CT: CK reports that she had a good visit with her sister in Florida. As it turned out her flight home was delayed so she spent additional time there and it went very well. She also reported that she has had several dreams in which she and her husband are much younger. She finds she is encouraged by these dreams.

CK shared her delight in God’s provision in that she got a good deal on insurance and is now paying about a third of what she had been paying previously – PTL!

CT: The Lord greatly encouraged CK by giving her a dream in which she and her husband were praying together.

IL: “My praises are going to the Lord for the ways He has been leading me and speaking to me. He has brought the opportunity to me for more healing. It is a study that my son and his wife got involved in prior to being part of a church launch. The Lord has been pointing out to me that I am still bound by some things, so this will be important.”

CK shares – “Last week brought forth a couple of substantial financial blessings! I am guessing that the Lord is showing me just how much I can trust Him, as I recently was able to trust Him in returning to a full tithe (I’d been scared out of a full tithe in the last year or so when heavy financial losses were coming against me.). So, that is a major praise! I am very happy about trusting Him more fully again. The Lord also comforted and reassured me with who my friends are. Sometimes I become uncertain about who really cares.”

MN: CK praises God for the peace He has given her through the recent trials she has gone through.

CK thanks the Lord for the close relationships He has enabled her to maintain and enjoy with her spouse’s family members.

NC: “The Lord is still speaking to me about contentment and also showing me all the ways He provides for me. I was extremely impressed with the truth that He is working mightily behind our mountains and that was great encouragement! That’s for ALL of us! I was provided help from a neighbor in getting new fence post pieces made at a fraction of the cost a yard company was going to charge me. God always shows up with just the right help at just the right time (He’s an ‘on time God’). I am impressed to share also to continue to spend LOTS of time in praise and worship; it’s mighty warfare.”

OR: CK is grateful that for the first time ever his brother has shared with him that he wants to work on his marriage.

TN: “I think the Lord is just revealing more to me about the nature of covenant marriage and how we need to walk in truth no matter how long it takes, even to walk in truth, period. I hope soon to write some things for my kids about what I have done in keeping covenant and the eternal value of that. I’m seeing that folks really want quick answers and quick deliverance, but I also see that God wants to do a good/great work in our lives through the trials. It’s not ‘why doesn’t he or she change,’ but, ‘what does God want to do here—in me, in our marriage.’ I see what God is doing in the comments on the CK Facebook page and how people are growing in their relationship with Jesus and understanding of their spouses – all such a good thing.”

WA: CK is delighted to share that she and her daughter are going to pick up on the regular monthly get-togethers they’ve had in the past.