Look What God Is Doing

Published May 23, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in



CT: CK was delighted at the news when she received a very good rating at work. It was a prayer answered, as she had wanted to get her work recognized.

FL: CK was greatly encouraged and delighted when her church asked her to assist them as a volunteer.
CK was greatly encouraged when she felt the Holy Spirit with her as she met the OW for the first time.

IL: CK shared her appreciation for “the wise words for me” during our Monday night CKI online meeting. I thank the Lord for those words. I am in a period of understanding who I have held in unforgiveness. So many! I so want to be free of unforgiveness and enjoy the abundant life the Lord promises us. And knowing the Lord has forgiven me, it is my joy to do the same.”

KS: CK went to Casting Crowns concert with the parents of his daughter-in-law who is divorced from his son. CK is pleased to be sowing seeds of God within his extended family.

NC: CK shares the following answer to prayer- “This is the entryway to my Dream Farmhouse. As I lay here pondering paint colors I just had to pause a moment and thank God for His grace. Grace I don’t deserve and yet it’s freely given to me. I am reminded that He cares about EVERYTHING. Through this process I have seen His hand in every detail. Details like ‘The Farm’ He led us to and the Scripture that was in EVERY ROOM of this house long before we ever entered. I am amazed to tears at how He has prepared our hearts for this new adventure. I have a new holy boldness in my speech and I have conquered fear. My daughter has been given the gift of discerning of spirits that I never knew she had. My son is ready to explode on the streets of Charlotte for the kingdom. And the love of my life, my husband, has taken care of me like never before. He has led our family with faith in Jesus and a mighty boldness to shut down the enemy. What started in 2012, with a tiny whisper in my ear, has now become a reality.
I am almost there.
I am almost home.
I am almost near still waters.
I have no fear, for He is with me.
His staff and His rod, they comfort me.
I am in awe.
My heart is 100% sold out for You.”

OH: CK shares – “It’s has been a week of illness, but I know that it will pass. I found blessing in a gorgeous after-snow blast of sunshine Monday morning, and gave thanks for the beauty God had given. The Lord spoke to me from two different sources this week; I so cherish when I hear Him speaking to me. He said, “It will all be ok.” I am in the midst of changes relationally with friends and family. Part of that is making more room for my husband, as he is more open to our children, being on his own as he is. Another change is my son and his wife and family being involved in a church plant. They are of course being changed, as God has intended. Giving thanks for His grace and His mercies, which are new every morning.”

WA: CK praises God for encouraging him through a friend who prayed for him and took him to a concert.