Look What God Is Doing!

Published June 25, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

“The members of our CKI online group are so thankful for what God is doing in our lives. We are trusting God and believing for healing and restoration of all our marriages. May God surprise us with spouses coming home soon!”

AZ: CK praises God for providing for her in many ways since she has been unable to work due to two surgeries in the last four weeks. Her next door neighbors took her to the E.R. at 11 pm Sunday and stayed with her at the hospital till 2 am. They also volunteered and paid to have a tree to be trimmed in her front yard. One friend from church took her to her first surgery at 4:30 am for a 7:30 surgery and another took her to the second surgery. Her church elders are coming to check on a plumbing problem and a very dear couple sent her some money to pay some bills. She feels truly blessed.

IL: “My pastor gave a wonderful message on Sunday from Nehemiah’s rebuilding of the wall. It included a highlight of all the possible distractions that can come when you are called to accomplish something the Lord has directed, and a reminder of the hard work that goes into it. I could relate. It helped me focus better on my stand. I’m also grateful to have had some sweet family times with more to come soon. I am enjoying being off from work, getting more time in the WORD. I’m thankful for the ‘nearly sold’ status of my lake house. The Lord continues to point out that I am to give thanks for all things, even the extremely taxing time it has been owning a second property with raccoons breaking in each spring.”

NC: CK recently returned home from a trip out of state with a friend to find her refrigerator was not cooling and had risen to 70 degrees (though the freezer was cold). She moved food to the refrigerator in the garage, flipped the fuse off and back on again, and went to bed. Next morning she found that the temperature had only gone down to 55 degrees. She laid hands on the refrigerator and prayed for the restoration of cooler air. About two hours later, she opened the door to the refrigerator and found it was 33 degrees inside. She thanked and praised God that she did not have to call in the repair man! God is faithful!
CK shared the following: “When a friend gave me this gift, it said, Mirror, mirror on the wall, I AM my mother after all.” Everyone laughed and I have been laughing, too, at that special reminder when I look at myself in the mirror each morning. I really see I LOOK like her, but I have led a different life. At 81, even through my struggles and through divorce, I know who I am in the Lord. I am a blessed woman! I miss my mother who is with the Lord now. God gives me comfort and JOY in my memories of her.”
“I thank God for the wonderful visit I had with our CKI Directors, Rex and Carolyn Johnson, this past weekend. We traveled to the Biltmore House, along with the Johnson’s daughter, for a wonderful lunch and beautiful glass exhibit by Dale Chihuly. We also spent time enjoying a feast and fellowship with their cell group from their church. We each prayed for one another which is always a treat). Some of these wonderful people will be helping serve our meals at the CK conference this coming July. A member of CKI from the United Kingdom (UK) was visiting Charlotte and came by to visit with us on Monday before I left for home. He is a worship leader in the UK. It was a wonderful weekend. God is faithful!”

WA: CK, a faithful widower, shared recently of his joy at visiting the Northwest Regional Yellow Ribbon Day gathering at Black Lake Bible Camp in Olympia, Washington. He stopped by for the lunch time meal as he so wanted all the CKs who had supported him throughout the years to meet a very special person in his life, the fiancé he is now engaged to marry. Everyone spent a cordial and enjoyable time together.