Look What God Is Doing

Published August 22, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


CA: CK is praising God for the wonderful trip taken to Yellowstone. “I felt God’s presence in the beautiful scenery and had a wonderful time with the kids. Yellowstone truly is breathtaking and I am thankful for the prayers that helped get me there and back safely and without any issues. My husband was in contact with me via text the entire trip there. He expressed concern for our safety and wished us a good trip. I’m still standing.”

CK is praising God for a wonderful weekend with her family. “They came to visit from L.A. and it was a wonderful time as I love having a house full of people. I heard from my spouse only once, when he asked for prayer about another job interview. I also lent him money and assured him of my continued prayers. I know that God is working in his life, however, God is still working on me and has made me more aware of my “watching a pot of water, waiting for it to boil.” I feel like I am constantly watching the circumstances, waiting for my spouse to show signs of wanting to come home. I’ve been praying for God to show me how to stop “watching the pot” and just live my faith and love for God, with the confidence that “the water will boil” regardless of me watching it or not. I know I still have fear that if I stop watching, I am giving up on my stand, but because of my CK family I know that is not possible. I am feeling very blessed for all the wonderful people in my life that God has strategically put in place to get me through and to help me continue standing for my marriage.”

“I’m praising God for bringing my husband to California to visit the children. He came by himself at the request of the kids. He and the kids all shared that they had a great day together. He later called me and thanked me for buying breakfast (my Father’s Day gift to him) and he talked about his goal to be able to come see the kids more regularly.”

IL: CK shares – “I had a chance to share the precepts of last week’s CKI group lesson with my oldest brother who is divorced from his wife of 30 some years. He is in the Word every day and really wants to serve the Lord. I know he is currently at a point where he can’t begin to believe reconciliation was possible. My praise is because he received what I was able to show him (I had him read the scriptures from the lesson.). The second part of the praise is that I was able to do it with the right heart. The Lord is SO patient with me! Glory to God. May we dedicate our lives to the Lord in this and all things!”

NY: CK is thankful for the Lord establishing him in a volunteer position within the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

OH: “Dear CKI group members, Thank you for praying for this trip. God heard and I praise Him! I hadn’t seen or spoken to my husband in 15 months and was nervous about how things would go. When I walked into the wedding venue, he and his mom were sitting just inside the door and he invited me to sit with them. Shortly after, someone announced that everyone except family should take seats outside for the ceremony. My husband quickly told me, “Stay here…you’re family.” We all sat together in the first row for the ceremony. It had been planned to seat me separately for dinner but he again told me to sit with him and his mom. He went to refill my beverages throughout and seemed happy to see me. We didn’t talk much but we were together. A photo of us together was taken by the groom’s mom who was sitting across the table. I was asked to go outside for family photos and was included in one with my husband, his mom and the bride and groom! I thanked my husband for including me and told him how much it meant to me. He said he was happy to. About 20 minutes after I got to my motel room, my husband called me to make sure I got there okay. That was a big deal and confirmed to me that his heart had definitely softened. I’d prayed for encouragement about our marriage and God answered. I know the many prayers made a difference.”

VT: CK was encouraged and praised the Lord when she received two emails recently from her spouse after not hearing from him in years.