Look What God is Doing

Published September 27, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


After a great “Families Are Forever” conference with the theme “From Now On,” we can surely say God did it again. It was great to see almost everyone from our group at the conference – stateside and international. We really enjoy being together. Let’s all stand firm in faith knowing that we are doing God’s will by being covenant keepers.


CA: CK thanks God for His rich provision above and beyond, as she was able to refinance her home and now has more money to fix things at her home and even to make vacation plans for her and her children.

FL: CK has been greatly encouraged and delighted by all the small, kind things God is doing for her.

GA: CK was blessed with a paradigm shift as result of attending the CKI conference. She finds that the Holy Spirit is guiding and directing her in new ways. A sister CK stander has also been a great counsel to her as their walk shares many similarities.

“I have to praise God for so many things in the last two and a half weeks. The CKI conference was an amazing experience.  I’ve had so much peace and an increased desire to know God more deeply and hear Him more clearly. I know that I have much to learn and am delighted to have so much reading and audio material right now. I’m very thankful for the connections I made with other covenant keepers and appreciate all the wisdom, support, and prayers. So many little things have happened that I really wouldn’t know where to start. Despite several setbacks/attacks, I’ve not worried about much and things have worked out just fine. I’ve even had the opportunity to influence someone to move back in the direction of the Lord. My prayer request now is that I need God to grow me up quickly in discernment, prayer, and the knowledge of His will in particular situations/decisions.”

IL: “At a recent gathering I realized that a young couple in my family was actually having a conversation with friends of theirs about covenant. It seems their group of friends, many from high school and many of them are Christians, have been struggling in their marriages. The catalyst for the conversation was actually talk about the young couple’s challenges, so there was some discussion about that, too. But they wanted their friends to know that their marriage was a covenant marriage and like everyone else’s, it goes through bumpy times. So covenant was brought to the forefront! I am pretty sure that was the first time their friends have been made aware that there is such a thing. Glory to God! I am sure God is pleased about that. I am.”

“Dear CK family – It was such a good time to go to Charlotte and be a part of the annual CKI conference – seeing group members that we had never seen in person. All I can say is WOW! We were blessed the whole time. The entire conference was exciting. Praise and worship times were wonderful. The testimonies of the pastor and his wife encouraged all of us as they were so willing to talk about their troubled marriage and how God brought them back together after they had been separated for a season. The service with Steele Creek Church of Charlotte was awesome! Their pastor blessed us so much and made us feel that Covenant Keepers was so important. He prayed for us and asked the whole congregation to pray for us. It was very encouraging that they understood the importance of covenant marriage.”

OR: CK had an occasion to speak with the prodigal of a restored marriage and he was greatly encouraged by their discussion.

WA: CK thanks the Lord for all He is enabling her to do. She has been getting her home and garage in order, is “watching her mouth,” and God is softening her heart towards the non-covenant woman in her husband’s life.

CK heard God tell her to call and ask her sister for forgiveness. It was a beautiful phone call where both asked for forgiveness and felt God’s presence.

CK thanks God for a wonderful weekend with family. She thanks God for all of them and is especially grateful for a better relationship with her brother.

CK thanks God for continuing to encourage him by sending affirmations for him to stand for his family.