Look What God Is Doing

Published February 16, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


CA: “Praising God for the last two weeks that have been so special. I had a wonderful time with family over the holidays and God worked it out so that I was able to spend Christmas day with my in-laws. Afterwards, my sister-in-law told me that I will always have my place in their family. There were days of tears and missing my husband over the holidays but God continues to show me the “Under Construction” sign in front of the mountain. I know that He is working on my spouse and I feel a peace with letting God do it in His timing. I am at peace and just continue to feel joy in my heart with my daily praise music. This year I have set the goal of “getting my house in order” both literally and figuratively because I know that while God is working on the other side of the mountain I need to continue to work on improving this side of the mountain. I am still standing.”

IL: “As we often say, we don’t know exactly what is happening on the other side of the mountain, and I don’t, but I thank God for a wonderful and joyful Christmas with our children, their spouses and the grandchildren. God is doing plenty on my side of the mountain. I also received a Christmas card from my husband’s sister and her husband which hasn’t happened in a long, long time. It was even signed with “love”. I was very happy that my spouse also had an unexpectedly ample Christmas with our children and grandchildren. He had more time with them than he would have expected.”

IL: “It seems the Lord is working greatly on the relationship between our oldest son and me and I will take it! For many, many years I have “walked around with a knife in my heart” (or so it felt) with how things would go with us. He is just CHANGED! I am so thankful and blessed by it.”

IN: “Praising God that I was able to celebrate Christmas with my boys.”

NC: “I heard from my niece who is Spirit-filled although I had never gotten a Word of the Lord from her until this Christmas. Her Word to me was: ‘I was just drifting off to sleep when Uncle popped up in my spirit. I heard/knew the Lord say to tell you HE is at work in him. HE is completing in Uncle that which concerns Him. 2018 is going to be a year of changes happening in your life. I felt I needed to look up the Biblical meaning of the number eight and found that it means ‘resurrection and regeneration, a new beginning.’ I don’t know what new beginnings are going to be going on but I know the Lord is working on your behalf. He hasn’t put you on the back burner. He knows it’s been a journey of faith for you to bear. Keep walking the walk of faith. It will not be in vain.’”

OH: “I’m thanking the Lord as the holidays were really nice. I spent time Christmas Eve with my friend who has a Christmas birthday. She cooked, I brought birthday cake, and then we spent an hour or so in prayer together, praying for everyone and everything God brought to mind. It was a blessed day. On Christmas Day the whole family went to my mom’s. I had my mom and Chet’s mom over for breakfast last week, and it was a blessed time together. I prayed before we ate, and they both thought it was a great morning. My mother-in-law is planning to call my mom to go out to breakfast sometime, and my mom invited her to the community senior events. I’ve enjoyed fun with the kids, grandkids and mom and had plenty of relaxation time and time with the Lord, enjoying the coziness of my home and being thankful for my many blessings, in spite of missing my husband often. Still standing!”

OH: “I recently got upset about a Facebook posting I had seen with my husband featured in one of the photos. I had butterflies in my stomach and trouble sleeping that night. Then I remembered the song the worship team at church had played at service earlier that day, “Do It Again,” and played it for myself. I also thought about Sunday’s sermon about remaining fearless and faithful, remembering that God gives permission for every one of our trials and that Jesus has already won every battle. When I awoke the next morning my daily reading was about Sarai giving Hagar to her husband in order to fulfill God’s promise her way and again I was reminded to WAIT upon the Lord and trust in Him without taking any action regarding the situation. And now God has given me peace about the situation.”

OK: CK praises God for the great time he had with his parents over the holidays. He thanked God for His watchcare over his wife as he learned she has a new job and is doing well.