Look What God is Doing

Published October 26, 2017 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


CA: CK thanks the Lord that she was able to attend her son’s graduation and that everything and every detail was provided for her at no charge. Her son is now a Christian leader at a camp.

CK was greatly encouraged when she was promoted to Principal of her school. Further delight came when her son bought tickets to a baseball game and invited Dad who hadn’t seen his sisters in two years. Everyone had a great time.

CK was acknowledged at work for having over 30 years of service – a testimony of the sustaining power of God!

“Praising God for all that He is doing on both sides of the mountain right now. I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with every area in my life but I just keep leaning on Jesus as my Husband. He continues to encourage me every single day and reminds me that my marriage is already restored in the spiritual realm. God is definitely working and He has helped me hold my tongue when I want to complain about finances or get into my self-pity mode. I am so grateful to Him because He has been faithful and good to me.”

IL: “A special praise! After our Monday night CKI online meeting I had a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord. I say this because I believe it was the result of being under an anointed meeting where we were focusing our eyes on the Lord in praise! Hallelujah! It was wonderful to be swept into “only” the Lord’s presence. Praising His Name!”

OH: God has been providing me with discernment and wisdom about situations with my husband. I’ve seen and heard some things that initially caused me to feel upset or hopeless, but then thoughts of how those things are working for good came to me. I know it’s from the Lord which causes me to be thankful and to praise Him. On Saturday, the Lord brought to remembrance many of the “suddenlies” I’ve experienced with my husband over the past 11 years.  Not one of them would have ever been expected.  They were all miraculous.  And if He did it all of those times, He will do it again (and again, if necessary). I was so thankful that He reminded me of those things.”

OR: CK rejoices as she shares that her dad is now doing well, her tests are coming back with a good report and she sees God working miracles around her grandson. “I am getting so much out of taking every thought captive.”

CK thanks the Lord that he has been able to be a refuge and a lighthouse to his extended family.

CK praises God for showing her how to speak in new ways.

TX: CK praises the Lord for His provision for her daughter to have the best care for the quadruple heart surgery that came upon her suddenly. She is thanking God for the answer to prayer of the “father’s heart being turned to his daughter and the daughter’s heart being turned to her father.” Dad came from out of state on his own and supported his daughter through all of the surgery and ICU. CK also experienced times of meaningful conversation with her husband during this time. “God is healing our marriage, the father/daughter relationship and each of their individual lives IN HIS TIME!”

WA: CK reported that her niece and her niece’s husband planned to divorce but are now reconsidering it due to the personal growth each is having. They are continuing to restore their marriage.