Lorraine’s Journey of Faith

Published October 10, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


Featuring a new book, Lorraine’s Journey of Faith, about marriage healing and restoration.  See what other people are saying:

PA: Lorraine, I finally had time today to start and finish your book on our fasting day. What a blessing it was to me. Your scriptures and faith stood out to me time and time again to minister to my soul and my heart which was actually hurting this morning. My heart feels a whole lot better and my spirit is much stronger. I can face what I still need to face. Thank you so much. I just want to clarify that my heart was hurting in relationship to being overburdened with caring about other people that are so needy. I realize God has placed them in my life but I still need to learn the importance of covering myself. I had become too bogged down with burdens. Thank you, Lorraine, for pointing out many things in your book that helped me today. You are a gem in our family. We all love you!

CT: Lorraine, your book is fantastic. It gave me hope and godly insight into how to do this stand for my marriage. Our loving Jesus became visible in your stories and the power, guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit in your experiences confirmed and strengthened me, too.

GA: I have started this book and the anointing is amazing. Thank you, Lorraine, for making a difference in many, many lives. You are a mighty woman of God destined for greatness.

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