Northwest Spring Retreat

Published May 2, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

The Spring Retreat, March 23-25, 2018, proved to be an amazing weekend in the Northwest! Twenty-two Covenant Keepers met at Black Lake Bible Camp in Olympia, Washington. What can be said about it other than it was amazing as always. We were blessed by the Holy Spirit, and enjoyed our guest speaker, CKI Group Leader and Intercessor Marilyn Pennington, who reminded us of the power of our spoken words. After a rich Saturday of teaching and fellowship, the topper was the movie, “War Room”. It seemed to be a visual reminder of all that we had been learning during the day.

During the retreat we were able to pray together several times. Each one of us gave a mighty praise report about family, work, our spouses and what the Lord is doing in our lives. During one of the talks we learned to go to the Lord for our identity and hear from Him “how He sees us”. This was a break-through time for many. Our worship leader, Kathy, chooses songs to match the title of our retreat which is evident by the words we sing. We learned more about how to pray for those who are into drugs, some of whom are family members. Several of our group members are taking care of the children of addict sons and daughters. Together we stand! As one of the CK’s attending said, “Light was shown on our path and many of us turned back to fervent prayer.”

Something very unique to the NW Covenant Keepers is the pure joy we have in seeing each other again. I know other regions will say the same, as they should…but getting together to rejoice is significant for us. We have a fun time during our recreational times. We go for walks in order to stay healthy and for the pleasure of it all. We have puzzles, coloring, word pictures to play with. Total fun!

No matter what emotional state we arrive in, we leave with great hope and joy trusting God for our marriages to be restored. We remain steadfast with the Lord. This is a retreat that only believes and longs for Our Lord’s Business to be done. We left Sunday afternoon feeling encouraged and refreshed. We leave full of HOPE…Same Time Next Year!