Obedience Is Greater Than Sacrifice

Published January 29, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

“Ouch, Hallelujah!” is a good statement to make when convicted by Holy Spirit. I don’t enjoy it, but I love the benefits reaped from being obedient when it occurs. The key is to respond quickly and decisively.

My husband has been visiting me on a regular basis for a while. I always look forward to his visits and often prepare dinner for us to share. On one such visit not too long ago, I almost missed an opportunity to see God move. I expected a long visit, so I was surprised when I received a text from my husband saying he could only come for an hour. He explained that he had an unexpected meeting at work that he had to attend. I complained (unlike any of you), and, even though I had praise music on and had been praying, my heart attitude wasn’t right. After some time, the Holy Spirit directed me to turn my praise music off and get quiet. Within a few minutes of listening, I heard a voice saying, “Watch your mouth!” (I have heard that voice more than one time before.)  Wow!  That was not what I was expecting, but I quickly repented for complaining and asked the Lord to make the shorter time I would with him that evening to be “golden,” full of His plans rather than mine. My husband was able to leave work a little early and rushed over to have a quick dinner. Our conversation was beautifully directed by the Lord and our evening was indeed “golden.”

Another day, I was waiting for my husband to respond to a text I’d sent him about coming by to pick up a health supplement that I regularly purchase for him. He also told me that he would bring fence posts that he’d hoped to paint for me. As a week went by with no word, I believed the lie of the enemy that I’d see neither the money for the supplement nor the fence posts. So, I decided I had to look out for myself and determined to get my money for both, one way or the other. Again, my heart attitude wasn’t right.  Because my husband had left money for me to invest for him (something we did together for the past few years), I hatched a plan to take $100 of that money to cover my expenses!  Immediately, the Lord told me, “That’s not your money!” Right away, I knew that was correct and I repented, changed my attitude, and told the Lord I trusted Him to take care of any loss in those expenses. Then, I was at peace. The following day, my husband contacted me about coming to bring the fence posts and pay for the supplement. When he handed me a $100 bill and told me to keep the change, I was jumping up and down in my spirit!!

In both situations, I give glory to God that I listened and obeyed! HE IS FAITHFUL!