Published August 1, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

What an elusive thing. Everybody wants it, but few understand or want to do what it takes to receive it. Peace is more than rest. It is subjecting everything to the will of God. It is allowing the Holy Spirit to strain every self-flesh thing out of us. It relinquishes its grip on the things of this world.

Peace is always on the move. From one side of our character to the other, exposing that which corrupts the soul. Peace is an infusion of God’s grace to do what increases life in spite of a trial. Peace is the container of Joy just as Hope is the container of Faith. Without Peace, Joy will have nothing to grow in.

Peace has power in it. The power to subject impatience, recognition, and worldly pleasures to the will of God. It surpasses understanding because it cannot be generated, only received. Peace settles the heart in the hand of God. It caresses the soul and rests in the completion of the Cross. The foundation of Peace is humility. It constantly surveys God’s will on a matter. Peace is an abundance of the things God desires for our life. Many have tried to replace Peace with pleasure and treasure without measure, but the ends of these are death.

Peace is life. Life in Christ. Life without end. Peace refuses to be distracted by worldly, unimportant matters. It gives up offenses quickly. For to judge another is an attempt to unseat Jesus. Peace flies away when we impose our plans over God’s. Peace releases the DNA of Jesus into a situation. It calls on the character of Christ to be its reflection.

Peace is strengthened by trust in the sufficiency of Jesus. What’s important to God must be what’s important to us. Peace must be pursued or we will lose it. It abides in God’s ability to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. To the degree trust abounds in God, Peace abounds in us. Worry and Peace cannot occupy the same space. For one must be desired over the other.

Peace is developmental. Unless it is constantly exercised, it atrophies and dies. Peace doesn’t fight, it simply takes over. Its strength is in yielding personal desire to God’s. It’s a relation with the eternal. It follows the instruction to “Be still and know that I am God.”

Peace is punctuated in the midst of a storm. When all seems impossible, it ferries the soul from fret to a settled spirit. Peace penetrates the darkness to illuminate God in every corner of the soul. It surrenders all that comes against us to the knowledge of God. Peace is pure Jesus. It lives, gives, and forgives to remain one with the Father. It puts its rights and wrongs at the foot of the Cross. Peace dwells in the heart of God.