Pebbles From God

Published June 25, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

1 We are so valuable, that Jesus would be willing to have nails driven through His hands in order to open a doorway to the Father.

2 We should always expose control and manipulation, in us and in others. They become idols that turn on their masters.

3 To turn your feelings or thoughts from being down-under to up-over, simply redirect your focus from the facts of the moment to the caring Savior who spans eternity.

4 Don’t overlook the little. Every tiny step toward God means a stronger foothold out of the darkness.

5 Learn the value of putting more on the altar: Shame, disbelief, fear, soulish ties, negative agreements, pet sins, and land-based thinking. As each is exposed, truly repented of and covered by the blood of Jesus, freedom to do the Father’s will abounds.

6 If you don’t want God to have to get your attention, seek diligently to discover what is of Him and what is not. His Spirit will clearly distinguish the two.

7 We don’t have a hearing problem, we have a surrender problem.

8 If we are carrying heavy loads, we are not wearing His yoke.

9 If respect and trust are only things which could be earned, then how did any of us come to know the Lord. We respected and trusted, then…the fruit of His salvation flowed.

10 God will give you the love you need – in ways, in proportions, in timing that no man could ever design.

11 Enjoy your kaleidoscope of feelings. They are meant to be felt. However allow God to filter them through His purpose in your life. In every case, they are designed to draw your dependence closer to Him.

12 Looking cool or wearing skimpy dresswear will not get you the spouse God wants for you. It is the godly man or woman inside you that is the treasure of great price.