Published January 15, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

One definition of perseverance is given as “continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition.” Another describes it as “to finish what you start regardless of the obstacles that stand in the way.” Yet another definition states that perseverance is “not giving up.”

Covenant Keeper standers are often viewed as being on display for everyone to watch and pass judgement on the quality of their perseverance. As leaders in the ministry effort we often feel that we are being watched and judged for our level of perseverance, too. Each of us could give examples of the issues and calamities that befall us to test our perseverance.

My personal examples of obstacles and opposition over the last few weeks seem like a perfect set to qualify me for a “pity party” of epic proportions. A good friend is battling cancer and the current prognosis is not good, an elderly relative passed away causing sadness even though we can rejoice that she is with Jesus today. I lost an expensive hearing aid and must replace it, plus the other one quit and may have to be rebuilt. As if that is not enough, a person fell asleep at the wheel of their car as they were exiting the freeway and crashed into me, demolishing our car. While being thankful that no one was badly injured, the situation has tested the limits of every nerve I have in dealing with insurance processes and the fact that the settlement won’t fully replace our car. Then I lost my wedding band. I haven’t given up on finding it but it has been several days and no luck so far.

Sound familiar or similar to events in your life? So, what do we do? We persevere. Neither a single event that has happened nor the sum total of events for me over the last few weeks is grounds to give up, quit, slack off, take a breather, go slower or rest easy. A committed Covenant Keeper perseveres whether in a stand for marriage restoration or in prayer for the Lord’s guidance to make the changes in us that He knows are for our good. It is okay to ask God why events have happened. Your prayers will be heard – that is God’s promise.

I don’t make “new year’s resolutions.” But in my prayer time lately I have been telling God that even though I don’t understand why these events occurred, I am ready for whatever He has planned for me for this next year. Bring it on! There is so much to accomplish for His glory through the Covenant Keepers ministry this year! Persevere!