Prayer and Fasting

Published April 9, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

A Word from Nancy

Since last Christmas the Lord has been reminding me of a great gift He had given us at the beginning of the CKI ministry years ago. I had been aware of it and still practicing it, as best I could, but hadn’t heard it mentioned in a long time. It’s fasting – and I do it every Wednesday.

I remember years ago when my husband left, I couldn’t eat. Many of you can attest to that. Once I began to heal I continued to fast, in spite of three children and all their needs, working, running a three family house with tenants and all that requires. God had me on a quick grow-up course. He soon became my Husband and my children’s Father and I went to Him for everything. That’s when I began to know Him intimately and understood He had to be supreme in my heart above everyone. He always came through.

In those days, our CK group met every Friday night at our house. It was such a blessing that many of our kids grew up together. Here is what I want to say about what I have enjoyed within the CKI ministry. We are truly family. We love each other with God’s love. Come to any gathering, especially the annual conference, and you will know you’re in the Kingdom because of the love and unity among us. Over the years God has brought me to meetings around the world where I have seen that there is no greater love than His among us for marriage and family healing and restoration. We love and forgive each other’s spouses and rejoice when couples are restored. This is why He impressed prayer and fasting on me. Mark 9:29 says, And He said to them, “This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer and fasting.” (see also Matthew 17:21).

Because of this God-given love and unity, some of us have been joining again on Wednesdays to fast and pray in one accord for each other. We have seen miracles already. We have agreed to pray around 3:00 pm in whatever time zone for unified prayer for all of us. If you’re working and you see the clock, just agree. If you’re retired like I am and have extra time, you can pray, read scripture, fall on your face like I do; whatever He tells you to. Remember that man looks on the outer appearance but our God looks on our heart (see 1 Samuel 16:7).

You can ask the Lord how to fast, He will show you. There is no condemnation in Him if you fall. He honors whatever we can do. This is not mandatory and God does not want us to make it become an empty ritual. It’s His love through us, the unity, and one accord that counts. He will lead us. You may find that He may lead some of us individually to longer fasts. I would encourage you to read the Bible about all the fasts. There are also many good books and teachings. Always ask the Holy Spirit for His truth when you study. To God be the glory for His faithful covenant love. Please send any feedback to the CKI office on what He has taught you and how He has answered prayer. I hope to see and hug you all at the conference in July!

A Word from Starr

I agree with Nancy on the importance of regular fasting and I have experienced blessings for which I didn’t even ask. I am thankful to Marilyn Conrad, the founder of CKI, and this ministry for teaching me and supporting me in this valuable spiritual discipline. I grew up in a Bible teaching church but never heard that we need to practice this discipline. Because Covenant Keepers set apart Wednesdays as our fast day, I have felt the support even world-wide as we fasted together on a regular basis. There is power when we pray, fast and agree together. If you are in a CK group, please encourage one another to fast on Wednesdays. If you are not in a group, stay connected with CK ministry by sharing your testimonies about fasting. We need to hear from one another.

How to do it? For example, these are my instructions from God: I start on Tuesday evening by talking to God, asking first to dedicate my fast the next day to Him and for any particular instructions. I then ask what His purposes are, such as what to pray about and what type of fast? Should it be a complete fast with water or should it be a partial fast? And what liquids should I include? I was reminded that the Jews’ fast would start at sunset the night before and end at sunset the next day. I have done it that way. But most times I end my fast in the late afternoon and then have dinner. When my kids were small, I would serve them dinner and, instead of eating, I would read to them while they ate.

I want to share a great blessing that I received just because I was obedient. On one occasion Marilyn called us Regional Directors to fast and pray with her for two days about a particular need of the ministry. That was a stretch for me. On the second day, I heard God prompt me to fast a third day. That was really stretching me! On the third day, I felt a definite release of something in my spirit. I asked God what that was. He said depression had left me and it would not return. I had been under that dark cloud of depression for a couple of years, ever since my husband left me and our children. I am happy to report that I have never had depression since then. He healed me. To God be the glory!

What is your testimony? Will you join CK in fasting on Wednesdays? Remember to get your personal instructions from God.