R U Willing 2 Trust God

Published May 21, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

With your life? Through thick and then? Til’ death do you part? Are you willing to run after the One who loves you as much as He does His own Son? Are you willing to live in all the fruits of the Spirit including long-suffering? Are you willing to receive all God has for you? To enjoy the blessing as well as overcome the testing? Are you willing to say ‘I do’ to His request in obedience of integrity? Are you willing to love God more and your feelings less? Are you willing to trust faith over facts? God over feelings? Life over death? Are you willing to stand for Christ? To believe what He said? To uphold your covenant?

Are you willing trust God? You don’t have to do what you don’t want to do, but you do have to live with what you choose!

1. R U willing 2 B open to change? How much say does God have in your day? To be open, you have to suspend the way you plan for things to happen. Is God solid enough to protect what you believe?

2. R U willing to change faster than you have to? Autopilot tends to be comfort-driven, the way of the natural flesh.

3. R U willing to have fun (maybe even play a prank or two)? Life without humor is like a balloon without air. Warning: don’t let your fun become foolish. If you are not having fun, why not?

4. R U willing to try creating a new thought or idea? In the beginning God created… If anyone is in Christ he is a new… What’s new with you?

5. R U willing to grow what you know? In order to grow, you’ve got to be willing to be different than what you were.

6. R U willing to become different? Become is the operative word here. If you are resting in same, God has a better idea. You either are moving toward Him or away from Him. That’s why He said ’draw near.’

7. R U willing to lose the word weird and use the word different? Jesus looked weird in His day. We are all weird in a way. Careful: judgment is at the door of different.

8. R U willing to encourage or validate another? Even your boss? Have you ever been validated, especially by a parent? Others need that same affirmation/confirmation and it is within your power to give it.

9. R U willing to risk a little rejection? Ouch! The more we yield to rejection, the less we are leaning on the Lord. No lean, no learn! Do you care more what others think or what God said? Rejection is little when the Lord’s acceptance is BIG.

10. R U willing to keep swinging until you get a hit (not a homerun)? God only expects you to do what you can do through Him. Even strikeouts in the natural can be home runs in the spiritual. God wastes nothing!

11. R U willing to turn NIP (negative into positive)? How much negativism did you see in Jesus? A crucified life always looks up. NIP: You are not tired; your life is just full.

12. R U willing to try to make a difference? Do you believe BIG? Willing to work outside your ability? Are you fool enough to believe you can make an impact in the world?

13. R U willing to “ink-it” instead of “think-it?” If you don’t journal, you don’t know what you are missing. So much learning is lost because it’s not caught on paper. Does everything written need to be Biblical?

14. R U willing to help others change? Advice to my son: If you give, you live; if you don’t, you won’t. Are you willing to be the stepping-stone for another’s growth?

15. R U willing to pair and share with others? Long-term isolation is the enemy’s ploy to fold you in on yourself. Get another data point.

16. R U willing to listen at deeper levels? Listening to others is good practice for listening to God.

17. R U willing to inquire more and advocate less? You inquire to understand, you advocate to push your agenda, you share to share.

18. R U willing to surrender something old in order to consider something new? God is able to protect His own. Don’t let in what is anti-Word, but do consider what is unknown.

19. R U willing to speak from your own person (not behind your mask)? Anything less is a lie. Great freedom is at the end of unprotected truthfulness.

20. R U Willing to hold off giving directions and just point them in the right direction? Cheap lessons often have to be learned again. Your lessons can’t replace their experience.

21. R U willing to learn from life? To squeeze every little lesson out of it? To live it on purpose, as if it were a gift? Anything short of abundance is less.

22. R U willing to discover what’s behind a disappointment? Don’t lose the tail-side of a coin. It’s part of the head-side too. Shake off the sting and see what gave it power. Awareness diffuses ignorance. FEAR – false evidence appearing real.

23. R U willing to take the time to understand an issue (10 Tip-it)? Few dig deep to understand the breadth of a topic. Take long enough to reflect, to inquire of God, to reach into the unknown to create understanding. Write yourself 10 Tips about a topic to truly understand it.

24. R U willing to give up offense in order to gain forgiveness? The odd thing is, the offense has you when you don’t own forgiveness. Forgiveness ought to be the Christian reflex.

25. R U willing to “So-What” more about what you learn from life? Unused learning is a waste. “So-What” are you going to do with it? Seek its application.

26. R U willing to revisit your “So-Whats” to see what still needs to be done? You can’t do this in your head. You have to do #13 and #23 to revisit. Psst…what if king David hadn’t written his heart down? Memory grows shorter with time.

27. R U willing to extend trust as opposed to require another to earn it? If another has to earn it, then obviously you feel entitled. And everything you deserved was paid for at the Cross.

28. R U willing to accelerate what you know? How about being aggressive about your living? Not doing more, but enjoying more of it.

29. R U willing to allow others to grow at their own pace? We don’t get to choose another’s season of growth. Maturity happens when its time is due. Waiting is more about completion than ticking.

30. R U willing to have a hope that is lofty and good? You can’t fail a hope; you can only quit it.

31. R U willing to let go of the past and future in order to gain the present? Unless you live in the present, you forfeit much of your future.

32. R U willing to dig for context instead of settling for content? Context is the framework of God. Content is only the part of the painting we see at the moment.

33. R U willing to be dissatisfied with what’s important and content with most everything else? Allow a seed of unrest to reside in an incomplete promise while abiding in contentment with what you have

34. R U willing to be become a millionaire in the heart? You couldn’t give me a million dollars for the growth I’ve gained, but I wouldn’t give you are quarter to do it again!

R U willing to start now?