Snapshot of “Families Are Forever – From Now On” Conference

Published August 8, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

We had the great delight of concluding our annual CKI “Families Are Forever” Conference at the Sunday morning service of Steele Creek Church of Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. During the service the pastor welcomed our group and explained to his congregation that we were people who really understood covenant and were living it out, all of us standing for covenant marriage, some standing faithfully for decades.

As the service ended the pastor asked for anyone who would like to come up for prayer to come and line up across the stage with their full prayer team ready to receive them. I sensed the Lord telling me to have all the Covenant Keepers present go up and line themselves up with the SCCC prayer team. Everyone started leaving and I thought for a moment that I was being disobedient, but I heard the Lord say, “Go up.” Another CK stander was there right next to me so we went up together. I then recalled at that moment what one of our conference speakers, Craig Hill, had shared with us years ago at one of the CKI conferences in Oklahoma, saying to us, “Many pastors and people in your churches don’t get you. They really don’t like you coming up asking for prayers to stand for your spouses. The usual response you receive is to get on with your life, that God wants you happy.” That day years ago Craig Hill also said, There is coming a day in your future when you will be honored for what you’ve done and people will be amazed and want to know how you did it.” As I was up there on that stage with Kelvin Smith the pastor and the SCCC prayer team I told Kelvin that he had fulfilled a prophecy that day by truly honoring us. During the conference he and his wife had shared about their own healed marriage and he said that going through that experience had shown him the truth. His eyes were truly open to what our CKI Ministry Directors, Rex and Carolyn Johnson, have been doing as a ministry.

It only takes a spark to get a fire going. He is now sharing about the covenant of marriage with other community pastors in the area. It was an exciting conference, an exciting Sunday and an encouraging time for this ministry.