Success is…

Published March 26, 2019 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

Success is taking every thought that is generated from past hurt captive and purifying it with the mercy-giving blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Success is realizing that being alone with God isn’t so lonely.

Success is receiving life’s circumstances as a personal challenge from the Lord, to utterly rely on Him regardless of the situation.

Success is running first to the Lord Jesus with my cries for help, instead of to a friend who could never stand as God’s proxy.

Success is carrying on a conversation with my spouse that is noise-free of past mistakes or personal justification.

Success is throwing my heart into whatever God wants me to do and not worrying about what God is doing in my spouse.

Success is conducting my life in a manner worthy of being called God’s ambassador.

Success is believing, without a doubt, that God will bring to pass all that He promised.

Success is remaining in the center lane of God’s will and not getting distracted by the rationale or the wooing of the flesh.

Success is reaching out for the substance of a “real” God and getting a spiritual hug from my heavenly Daddy.

Success is stretching in an area of my character which was avoided in the past and knowing God is deepening Himself in me.

Success is walking through life praising God continually.

Success is loving others unconditionally as He loves me.

Life’s achievements are measured more by internal growth than external accomplishments.