The In-Between 

Published December 20, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

This is the distance from here to there. It can be a path from where you are to where you want to be. The in-between usually has a feel of an incomplete state. It can be a rough spot or an unfulfilled promise. It can be the temporal state of darkness or confusion. The in-between can be that lonely space where the vacuum of loss tries to steal your spirit. It can be where sorrow and pain seem unending. It can be a place of poverty and lack. It can be in the emptiness of not feeling loved or an inability to express the love that swells within. The in-between can be visited with fear and anxiety, or it can be laden with the lie that you’re no good or worthless.

What we must all remember is that the in-between is just that. In-between. It is temporal. “Never” and “forever” are chief tools of the enemy to try to keep us captive in the in-between. But they are all lies. Just like the world, pain and sorrow will pass away and wither like grass. God didn’t promise to keep you from trials, but He did say He would be with you through them.

The in-between is really God’s time to grow us. Our hearts are never more broken, our spirits never hungrier for an answer. The important point here is to find the Answer and not just settle for temporary relief. God has an ultimate peace ready to be uncovered if we will just stay with Him. It is in the in-between where we search, we look at life differently, we look at our Lord differently. We find out pain cannot beat us nor fear overrun us. We would have never known we had this endurance without this difficult place. So many of our parts mature during this period. Our speech, our attitude, our hope all reach for new levels. It is during the in-between we learn we will not repeat a foolish lesson. We learn self-forgiveness, resentment-releasing, and love-giving. We take God more at His Word. We truly step out on the belief that God will fulfill His promises. The in-between will stretch you further than you thought you could stand; yet God is at every point that you think you will break. It is through the in-between that our trust in the Lord becomes unwavering like never before. The in-between can be a time, a place, a mindset, an incomplete whatever. During it all, God will progressively be what you can’t be. In fact, the in-between somehow folds into His majestic plan for perfecting our lives (see Romans 8:8). It is no longer a stone that is weighing us down, but the stepping stone needed to elevate us from where we were to where He wants us to be. Only God can do it and make it seem so seamless.

So if you are in the in-between, ready yourself for a God-growing time.