The Next Generation Carries the Torch

Published March 12, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in



Robyn and Macy in Uganda




Robyn – CK Mom: “Throughout the years, my prayer has been that my kids would understand the sanctity of marriage and “get” covenant. The best birthday gift I got was my daughter calling me and reading her latest thoughts on her time in Uganda. She has witnessed the brokenness of marriage first hand, but seeing broken people in another country and the consequences of sin, her perspective on marriage and singleness has solidified.

“It’s so awesome when your kids just get it and this is an answer to many years of prayers. What my daughter shared is taken from the email she later sent to me (see below). I have included the writing in its entirety so you can catch a glimpse of her heart. At a mere 22 years of age she’s wise beyond her years and I couldn’t be happier that she has such a great understanding of the purpose and picture of marriage.

“Just a few days later, another daughter called to tell me she just saw two Covenant trucks! Love my cheerleader children. ☺”

Macy – CK Daughter: “Before I left for Uganda, I was hoping that I would come over here (Uganda) and I would see Christianity in a new way, that I would find a fresh new perspective of God, and that I would grow immensely in my relationship with Him. I thought that by coming over here I would see what it means to worship God while having absolutely nothing. I put the Africans on a pedestal thinking that their faith in God was better and richer than any American’s faith in God.

“Since being here, I have truly learned a lot. I have grown in my relationship with God and I have seen Him in a fresh new perspective. I have learned how important prayer is and it has become my lifeline; it’s what keeps me going and surviving. While I have grown in my relationship with the Lord, my eyes have also been opened to the reality of my innocence of the brokenness in the world.

“Here’s the reality of what I have learned:

1) It doesn’t matter what culture or country you are in, sin is still sin. It may look different in America, but it is still sin.

2) It doesn’t matter what culture or country you are in, pain is still pain. People here are just as broken and in need of a Savior as the people of America.

3) The view of marriage is just as broken in Uganda as it is in America. The foundation of marriage isn’t just being attacked in America, it’s being attacked here, too, and it breaks my heart. It may look different here but you can still see how the enemy is attacking marriages. You’re probably wondering why this matters and why I am writing about this, but it’s just so important. When the view of true marriage (between a man and a woman) is distorted, it distorts the marriage of Christ and the Church and that is a huge issue.

“It doesn’t matter where you are, people need love, people need healing, and people need Jesus. Uganda needs Jesus. America needs Jesus. The world needs Jesus. The church needs Jesus.

“Brokenness is all around us. Pain is all around us. People are living in sin. Souls are eternally dying. Our view of Jesus is being attacked. What are we doing about it? How are we addressing the problem?

“I think the problem lies within us, within the church. We are so afraid of offending people and so afraid of confrontation that we aren’t helping our friends by lovingly calling them out on their sin. We aren’t helping them when they are deep in pain and brokenness because we are too focused on the self. We’re in such a hurry in life that we walk out of our one hour church services early. We say we’ll pray for someone, but do we really pray for them? We say we’ll be there for someone and support them, but do we really mean what we say?

“I believe it’s time we start facing the issues of the church, and it begins with us. It begins with you. It begins with me.

“I challenge you – if you see your friend living in blatant sin, address them. If your friend asks you to pray for them, pray with them right there and then, or send them a message of the prayer.

“We cannot continue letting pain and sin consume us and the church. We need to wake up, church, and we need to do better and be better because the truth is, sin is sin and pain is pain. We’re all broken and in need of a Savior.”