The Scars You Receive As You Overcome Qualify You To Help Others!

Published March 26, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

What a revelation! I used to hide my life-scars in shame because they were so hideous. How about being divorced by my wife, the rejection I felt, how it hurt my wonderful wife and my children? What about the ugly pride I had struggling with self-esteem? What about a mind weakened by pornography? What about a lifestyle riddled with compromise? What about a little scared kid’s heart that wanted to run from reality? What about feelings I protected from pain so much, they became my idol? The scars these left behind are so repulsive to the world.

POW! You know, God revealed Himself in scars. To the degree we overcome the flesh, nail it to the cross and stay there until Christ takes us down – we can help others. The scars left behind are a sharp contrast to the overcoming spirit we now have. The scars didn’t consume us, for they are no longer open wounds exposed to the elements. We allowed Jesus to heal that area. I am crucified with Christ. (Galatians 2:20) With is the operative word here. He has scars, too, and He’s not ashamed. He gladly bore them for us. He has overcome the world because of it. He became a man to bear those scars so He would qualify and say, “I know where you are”. He can help because He has been in a worse place, and has overcome.

This means your scars and your current overcoming spirit are your qualifiers, no, your obligators to help another. No weenies here. You have the power of Christ behind every word, every emphasis in you. Just flow out of what He did in you and the fact that you KNOW He can do the same for another, if they simply trust the One who they claim they trust.

I have a quadra-amputee friend with body scarring, hearing loss, brain damage and an invincible spirit which honors his Lord. Do you think he can help folks stop feeling sorry for themselves? I have a best friend in prison on a seven-year sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. His spirit is more free in confinement than mine is (he says he has plenty of one-on-One time). Does he have the right to say you can gain through your loss? Ladies, your stretch marks may be unsightly to the world, but God’s plenty proud of them and the creation that resulted through them.

This is why it is hard for someone who has not endured a covenant stand to help another stay the course. It’s hard to be a climbing guide if you’ve never been on their mountain before. Guess what? If you have scars, you’re elected to help!

Don’t keep your scars in a jar. Jesus didn’t.