The Truth About Trials

Published February 7, 2018 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


  1. An untried mind will not know what it can overcome. Persistence, patience and perseverance are required to know the footprint of character.
  2. Trials show us where we are, in the hands of chance or in the arms of Heaven
  3. Trials are not over when the troubles no longer exist, but when their lessons are no longer needed.
  4. Don’t brace against their inevitable force.  Allow God to do His Jesus judo and use its weight against itself.
  5. Trials are only look big in comparison to us, not God. Look at the magnificence of God from heavens position and the trial loses its size.
  6. Trials are natural consequence of living. Only dead people don’t have trials.
  7. Trials are traps to the weak and trails to the overcomer. One says “ow,” the other says “wow.” Bring on the next challenger!
  8. Trials are more about our view than the obstacle. Do we see through the position of an orphan or that of a son or daughter of the Almighty?
  9. Trials bring turmoil that calls for a Comforter. Each is an opportunity to engage Divine deliverance or endurance.
  10. Trials are custom-fit to groom our character in Christ. Response, reflection, reality, reward are all shaped in us.
  11. Trials are the test of where our honor is. Out of them our reactions will honor the Lord or the flesh.
  12. Trials are better understood in the rear view mirror. Success often looks like failure in the middle. Judge too soon, then quitting is the only reward.
  13. Trials take us off autopilot. And place us in the driver’s seat steering toward a destination of worry or faith.
  14. Trials are the workout gym for faith. Without them we get spiritually flabby.
  15. Trials cause us to explore where we’ve never been before. Adventure has the word venture in it. And with it comes an element of risk.
  16. The rocks we stumble over often have great treasures hidden underneath!