We Are On the Move

Published May 3, 2017 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in

From Rex and Carolyn

After all the broken bones, Rex is on the mend and doing great. All the rehab appointments have been endured and he is almost back to “normal,” whatever that means. He can walk a mile and doesn’t limp. God has been faithful in restoring his health and we give Him the glory.

Our home went on the market at 2:00 PM on a Monday about a month ago and we had a signed contract by 9:00 PM that evening. Within 2 weeks we had a contract on our next home. So the Johnsons are moving!  And the CKI office is moving with us. (The mailing address will remain the same since it is a PO box number.) We are downsizing so will be learning to run the office without using paper and with a minimum size desk. Our office space will be about half of its current size.

It seems we always have to learn new things even at our age. Daily we try to look in the mirror and say, “Change is good!” We will be moving in with friends for two to four weeks while repairs are being completed at the new house. You will still be able to reach us by phone and email; it just might take a little longer to get a response. Pray for us and this move. Specifically pray that even at our temporary place we will get all the electronic equipment up and running quickly. Our new normal will take a while to understand as we learn to function efficiently.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone this summer for the 31st annual Families are Forever Conference, being held again at the Johnson’s home church, Steele Creek Church of Charlotte. Registration is open so make plans now to attend, July 20-23.

From Geri

My “on the move” is a little different as I have recently had the first of two foot surgeries and am now hopping through my days. No driving for five to six weeks so I’m finding a lot of creative ways to get things done. Knowing that “God’s timing is perfect,” and “I can do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens me,” I am confident He will show each of us here at the CKI office the way through our busy days.

Most of the CKI office in the Johnson’s home is already packed up, office furniture sold and moved out. Card tables all around! Since each of us (that’s Sarah, Geri and Muffin) also operates out of our homes, we’re used to doing things somewhat independently. But we’re keeping the basics up and running from now until moving “out” day, with trips as needed to the the CKI storage unit in a facility nearby.

We find ourselves coming up with simpler and more efficient ideas on how to do what we do these days. It is our hope that you will find yourselves served in the best, most personal and efficient ways possible as we get re-settled.


From Sarah

One of the hardest parts of moving is literally moving! A few years ago when the CKI office moved into Rex and Carolyn’s loft, so did the big office furniture. The loft was a great home office for Rex and Carolyn and accommodated all the staff when needed. But when Rex and Carolyn’s house sold so quickly I knew that meant that the office furniture would have to be moved, again.

It just so happens that my husband and I are starting a business and would need a few pieces of office furniture. Rex and Carolyn were so nice to offer to sell us the surplus.   That works well for all of us. So the timing of Rex and Carolyn’s move could not have been more perfect. That’s God for you!


From Muffin

As I’ve watched Carolyn and Rex go through this process, I have to admit I’ve felt a sense of the bitter and the sweet.  The bitter as I think of them moving a little farther away from me and fearing we may not see each other face to face as much as we have over the years.  But the sweet, too, as I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do in and through them in their new home. I have seen first hand the way the Lord helped them turn their current home into a warm and inviting place that they were happy to open up and share with so many people over the years- from CK friends and conference attendees, to her weekly ooVoo CK group, to many others  who have needed a place to stay in Charlotte.  All have been welcome and most of them have had the opportunity to enjoy some of the most delicious food anywhere that comes from her “dream” kitchen.

I know that the move to their new house will provide them with a new circle of neighbors who at this point don’t even know how blessed they are to have the Johnsons moving in!  Those of us who know them can’t wait to see what the Lord will do with these two at their new address! 🙂